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Monday, September 10, 2012

It's been a while...

Wow, I have not blogged in a long time.
I always use the excuse that life is busy, but when is life ever not busy? 
School - home school coop started this past Friday.  The girls of course love it and were very excited to see their friends again.  I worked 3  12 hour days last week, and one of those days was Friday, so Aaron took the girls and Mom watched the boys, but I will be going this Friday and thankfully Mom is off work, so she can watch the boys for me.  There is nothing like sitting in a room for 3+ hours trying to occupy the boys.
Today was day  30 of our school year.....DAY 30!!!! I am so excited.  That gives us a little slack for me working some or vacations or PLEASE NO, the dreaded stomach virus.
I LOVE the curriculum we are using this year.  We are using Learning Adventures.  We used them 2 years ago and I really loved them then.  You get every subject in one curriculum except Math.  Instead of buying all your books, you buy their guide and then go to the library a lot. Being from small towns, there have been a few times I have had to order a book, normally for less than $10 because our library did not have it.  We actually didn't finish all of the Unit Studies last time, so we started with the last unit study from 2 years ago, and now last week we are starting the new one for this year. 
Hard to believe, but Madelyn will be 12 next week. She is in the youth group at church now and is starting to do stuff with them. I am so excited for her.  I loved my youth group growing up!  Hannah will be 8 on Sunday. That too is hard to believe.  Makes me feel so old.  On a good  note, a few times at work people have asked how old I was and when I told them I was 37, they said I didn't look a day older than 31.. AND I had a young man tell me he thought I was his age.  He was 22!!!! 
The little things in life.....
Seth is pretty funny. He talks sooo well for a 2 1/2 year old that up until 15 months ago had barely heard English in his life. 
For a while, if I would set him at the table to eat he would say "get me some juice" to which I would calmly reply  "I'm ain't getting you nothin 'til you ask nicely" (notice the proper English)  Then he would say "please get me some juice" then I would get him some. After going through that for a while, now he will say "Please get me some juice I asked nicely" all in one fast sentence.
And even being more polite, this morning he came downstairs and not wanting to tell Madelyn what to do he said "Madelyn, maybe we can watch pretty pink tractor"  That is his new thing, instead of demanding he starts off with MAYBE and it really is pretty cute.
The other day I saw him pulling the back of Ethan's pants away from Ethan's back and peering in to see if Ethan had pooped. 
Ethan is a whole other personality.  He is so huge.  Weighing more than Seth and we had them stand back to back the other day and he is only about an inch shorter than Seth.  So I think he will probably pass Seth in size this next year.  So even though he looks older he acts so young when you start to talk to him.  His speech is terrible.  He is about as behind as Seth is ahead. 
We even had his hearing tested. And it was normal.  I really am not worried. By number 5, you're like, whatever, so what if I alone am the only person who understands him, and that is only part of the time. He is so sweet!  Kisses all the time.
His signature face when things don't go his way is a pout, which I have almost broke him of.  I mean as soon as he hears "no" he is puffing through his nose and that bottom lip is all the way out.  Now, I make him smile instead of pout.  It is pretty funny and hard not to laugh when I am trying to be serious.
It is so much work for him to pull that lip in and put a huge smile on, but normally by the time his teeth are showing, he starts laughing too.
Today, he was in the high chair and I can't remember why he was mad at me, but I was in the kitchen watching him through the door.  I knew he was pouting and he knew he wasn't supposed to, so when I would look at him, he would put this huge smile on, but as soon as I started to turn my head...big pout, then I would look real quick and big smile again.  This went on about 5-6 times, all the while I was trying to act serious.  So, even though he can't enunciate hardly anything, he is smart smart smart. And I love him just the way he is.  
We are all into soccer again. Thankfully, Madelyn and Natalie are on the same team this year.  Bad thing is, they travel.  Which means last Saturday, Aaron took them an hour away for their game, while I took Hannah to her game.  We'll see how it goes.  I hate being so busy, however, it is a wonderful way for the girls to get lots of exercise.