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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Toothaches and sick kid

Didn't get a whole lot done on the house yesterday. I did finish my bedroom. There were 3 boxes I needed to go through and so I went through one and put the other two in the kitchen;).
I will try to finish Natalie and Hannah's room today.
Took the girls over to mom's around lunchtime, then I went to work to get the schedule for January to see if there were any holes that I needed to fill in. I also showed off pictures of the sweet babies. I happened to see the grandmother of the girls' best friend from church at the hospital and she wanted the girls to come over to play with her granddaughter yesterday. So I took the girls to her house at 1:30 and then met her at 4pm at the rec center to bring them home. They had a lot of fun. I didn't feel real good yesterday and was a little afraid I was catching what Madelyn has. I hope not since I have to work 12 hours Friday and Saturday. I think it may just be my tooth pain wearing on me.
I am getting pretty annoyed with this tooth pain I have been having that is gradually growing worse. I had 2 cavities filled over a week ago. One needs a crown and I have a temporary cap on it. Anyway, the dentist told me it would be sensitive until we got the crown on, but see it takes 2 weeks to get the crowns made and back to the dentist. I did have an appointment on 1/6 to have it put on, unfortunately, that is the day we got assigned for our fingerprints in Birmingham, and we CANT miss that or reschedule, so I had to put off my crown until 1/10. A few months ago, I had lots of mid chest pain, which the doctor and I were pretty sure was an ulcer. I took protonix and carafate for a few months and thankfully it went away. However, with this mouth pain constantly, I have had to go back on the ibuprofen and tylenol around the clock. I take a carafate every time I take an ibuprofen, but still scared the ulcer will come back. The pain woke me up last night I had to take the strong stuff that I had leftover from a root canal last year and it finally took the pain away where I could go back to sleep. But I don't want to take that all the time either. I don't think it is an abcess. I had one of those before and the pain gradually got worse and was unbearable, which this was last night. We'll see. I only took 1/4 of a lortab and it took the pain away last night, so I have lots of room to move up to more if I have to. Hope I make it until the 10th. I hate all this dental work!
Madelyn is sick with a cold or something like it. She ran a fever one day and complained of a sore throat, not to mention the coughing and runny nose. Then the fever went away and she sounded like she was getting over a cold, then this morning, she hardly has a voice, but no fever and a awful cough. Her ear hurt the other day and she said that is better. If her temp goes back up today I will probably just take her in this afternoon or in the morning to make sure she doesn't need anything more than time.
So hard to grasp the reality that if everything goes as usual, we will have our two babies home in less than 5 months. I can't wait! It is kind of like when you are pregnant the first time and you know there is a baby in you, but it is such a weird thing to imagine that it is hard to believe. Anyway, we have been waiting so long for these referrals, I think I am still in nonreality land. Plus, I think I am trying to hold myself back a little, knowing that anything could still happen to before the court date and we can call them ours. I think I will breathe a sigh of relief when the court date is over and I might just collapse with relief when they come home. I feel like I am holding my breath, trying not to get too attached to them. It is hard not to though.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Budgeting and cleaning

Last night after Aaron got home, we decided to tackle Natalie and Hannah's closet. I did this in Madelyn's room and it worked out pretty well and freed up a lot of space. We had 2 short bookshelves that we sitting emtpy in the garage. So I decided to hang up all of Madelyn's long pants and shirts. Then she has a basket she slides into the bookshelf for socks and underware, then a shelf for shoes, room for shorts and pajamas. I am going to have Natalie do that too. It took hours last night and the remnants of the cleaning are still all over the kitchen floor where the girls sorted their toybox. The bookshelf fits in the closet under the clothes. I put all of Hannah's clothes in a tote and she can just live out of that until we find a small dresser that we can use for her. Today I will clean off their dresser and maybe we can take it out of their room, making their room more spacious. The kids' bedrooms in this house are tiny.
Budgeting eyeopener...
Last night, although I hate budgeting, I decided to, not because I hate to put limits, I am pretty miserly and hate to shop. But I did need to figure out how many hours I need to work a month . Well, it wasn't pretty. I don't know what I was thinking to feel like I could work 12 hours a week and still pay for this adoption. I know that God knows our finances and I pray that God sends some more money this way, but until then I have to assume I will need to work...a lot. Aaron is hoping to get some extra hours in working with fire also.
I am going to try to sign up for 40 hours a week if I can fit it in. Which will mean 12 hours every Saturday, a 12 hour day during the week, whichever day Mom is off work, maybe 8 hours every other Sunday, plus some 7-11p at nights. Bad thing is, I refuse to work 7-11 one night, then try to be back at work at 6:40 the next morning, so I only work 7-11 when I am off the next day and that limits my hours too. I am thankful that I have a job that I can work pretty much any shift, anytime. I am blessed. So, back to work I go.
We are halfway done with our school days, so that worked out great. We will do school 4 -5 days a week and then still have some to do when the babies come home. Hopefully we will avoid sickness, esp. stomach virus, and I can work 40 hours a week until we get the babies home. Plus, in addition to the 15, 000 more we need in the next week or so, we will have to pay for a trip to Ethiopia in about 2 months, then another one in May. It will all be worth it, but things will be real tight for a while....real tight.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Answered prayers

Today I finally got a letter from an agency that gives out adoption grants. We will receive $3000 in grant money to help with our adoption. It will be sent straight to our agency. Every bit helps. We should get our bills this week for the adoption. We would have owed approx. 23,000 to the agency, but with the $3000 grant and the $5000 no interest loan, we will still have $15,000 due probably this week. Still praying for help.
We got our official referral paperwork notarized today. I faxed it to our agency and will mail it tomorrow.
Got the dressers in our bedroom cleaned off today and still have a couple of boxes of papers in our bedroom to go through. Maybe I'll get some done tonight.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cleaning out

Last night, I typed up a list of all of the things I want cleaned out before we get the boys. I hate to sort and clean and therefore I am terrible at it because I put it off so long. However, I do enjoy making lists and marking off stuff as I do it!
We had the whole day at the house today and I got so much done. We decided not to risk going to church services this morning, since we barely made the turn into our driveway on the way home last night because it was so slick. Then church services were cancelled tonight. So we had an entire day of sledding, warming up, then sledding, then warming up, then sledding some more even up until almost 9pm tonight. Apparently it became slicker and faster as the day went on. I am so glad that the girls are braver than me. I went down a few times, but have never liked going fast, sledding, skiing, slip and slides, etc. It was a lot of fun watching them do it though. Madelyn and I built a big snowman and then she of course had to add a little baby snowman beside it.
Aaron measured 5 inches of snow this morning. Unusual for this area, but great and has to be enjoyed while it is here.
My brother Michael and his family stopped by for a little while today on their way to the coast to hop on a cruise. Michael took a turn on the sled, but didn't go more than once, I guess he didn't want to risk an injury right before a trip.
Back to the cleaning.
Today I ...
-cleaned out the filing cabinet that had junk from years ago - 90% we didn't need anymore and was promptly burned in the driveway.
-cleaned out my closet, and got rid of over two trash bags worth of clothes - most which went to a thrift store in town, literally got rid of 1/2 my clothes. So much that Aaron was able to move all of his winter clothes that we normally keep in the girls bathroom closet in mine, thus freeing up the girls bathroom closet.
-cleaned out my dresser and consolidated 5 drawers into 3 and got another bag full of clothes to give away. Now I have 2 empty drawers in the bottom of my dresser which I will use for the baby that stays in our room. Probably little Ethan.
-took one tote full of extra blankets to the garage (Aaron did this)
-took our cedar chest that we have been using to hold up our answering machine and store junk to the garage (Aaron did this also) Moving the tote and cedar chest and putting Aaron's dresser against a different wall has freed up space beside our bed for a crib.
-Hannah got new sheets for Christmas and wanted them on her bed. I asked Madelyn to help Hannah clean off the millions of stuffed animals of her bed, so we could get to the sheets. They did that and more and reached between the bed and the wall and had a pile of sheets/toys/stuffed animals/pillows/books/etc that literally was stacked taller than Hannah's bottom bunk. Got the new sheets on the bed and can finish cleaning out from under her bed tomorrow and that is another thing off my list.
-Aaron also went through all of his clothes and we have almost a whole tote of clothes to take to Ethiopia with us to give away, if we have the luggage space.
*On a side note, normally we would not put a baby in our room, but our house is very crowded and unless we put him in the living room, he will be with us. Since I am normally the only one who stays up past 9, then the living room may be a good option. I am normally in the kitchen on the internet or reading a book, but the tv is hardly ever on and wouldn't wake him. Madelyn is going to room with one and we will room with the other. He still may sleep in the living room, depending on his sleeping habits. We have a crib and a pack and play. Probably will put the crib in Madelyns room in the corner and then the pack and play in our room. Madelyn was 18 months old when Natalie was born and Natalie slept her first 10 months in a pack and play until Madelyn moved to a toddler bed. Not to mention, we lived in a 700 sq ft apartment until she was 10 months old and she did live in the living room.
Anyway, proud to have made myself sort and clean. I just look at the pictures of the little babies and it gives me motivation. Pray we get them home soon. I am praying every day that our process is sped up. So far the girls' passports came back in 2 weeks instead of 6-8, and the baby's medical report came back in 2 days instead of 2 weeks.
Tomorrow we will be having our official referral acceptances notarized and sent to our agency. This was put off only because of our travel and the holiday weekend.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Great Adoption News, Christmas, and Snow

When we got our referrals on Monday, Sue at our agency said that we wouldn't get the medical report back on the 1 month old for about 2 weeks, so we would be waiting that long before being able to officially accept the referral. Opened email Thursday morning and the medical report has come back and we have now accepted both baby's referrals by email. Monday we will fill out and have the "official" referral acceptance signed and notarized. At that point we will have $23,000 due. Yikes! Still praying about that. I am praying that the quick medical report will mean that maybe our court date will be in February instead of March. Hard to believe that in less than 2-3 months, we hopefully will have been to Ethiopia and back. Scary!
When we got home from TN tonight, we had gotten notice from USCIS that they are processing our I600A, so soon we will be getting an appointment time to go and have our fingerprints done again. Last time we had to drive 1 1/2 hours away to Birmingham.
I keep telling myself that nothing is guaranteed until we get them home, but it is so hard not to fall in love with them.
We went to TN from Wed. night until tonight. There was about an inch of snow on the ground in TN. When we got home, we probably have between 3-4 inches. The girls and Aaron have been outside sledding for over an hour. What luck that all three girls got those circular plastic sleds for Christmas today and they have sure put them to good use.
We drove up to TN on Wed. night after Aaron got home from work. Thursday morning we got up early to go to the Parthenon. Our tour appointment was at 9:00am and at 7am while eating breakfast -oatmeal at that- my temporary cap came off my molar and so then I was in a bind. Thankfully my cavity remained filled and it was a dull ache, not like some toothaches I have had. So we called a local dentist and he recommended putting Dentemp in it. Well, it worked well enough to get through the Parthenon, but unfortunately, half of the temporary cap was broken off. We left the Parthenon and passed an open dentist office. They took me right in and straight back and made me a new temporary cap that feels a lot better than the first and will hopefully hold me until Jan. 6th when I get my permanant cap put on.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today is a great day!
I woke up early this morning to get ready for my dentist appointment at 7:30, 45 min. away.
We had an email from our agency stating that she had a 12 month old boy and a 1 month old boy if we were interested. I emailed back YES!!! and then I had to leave for the dentist appointment.
At 10:00 when I met Aaron and the girls at Mom's (faster computer) we were able to see the picture of the 12 month old. He is so cute. It is a picture of him standing in his crib with big brown eyes, curly brown hair and chubby cheeks. He looks real healthy.
I emailed her back to let her know we were definately interested in him and she then sent us the pictures of the 1 month old. Also adorable, chubby cheeks, lots of wavy black hair. He was asleep in all the pictures, so we didn't get a look at his eyes. We emailed her YES! back for him and she said as soon as the medical report got back we could officially have him as a referral too. Which should be 1-2 weeks. She predicted sometime in March for our first trip and court date. Then having them home in May if all goes well. Yeah!
Unfortunately, we can't post pictures until after the court date. By then we will have been to Ethiopia and I will have tons of pictures I hope.
Another blessing at the dentist. When I went for my cleaning a few months ago, she stated that I had some credit and todays visit would only cost me $400+ But when I went to pay today she said I had more credit and didn't have to pay a bit today and had some leftover for next visit. Great!
We were able to put the pictures on a USB port thing and take them to CVS and print them off. So we have some pictures to carry around and show our friends and family.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nothing exciting to report

I have had a better attitude the past few days. Thankfully!
I was supposed to work 12 hours on Friday, but got cancelled. Aaron was off, so we had a great day at home. Saturday I was able to work 12 hours. It was time to sign up to work the month of January, so I signed up for 12 hours each Saturday and it has been a big load off my mind to not constantly be thinking of ways to fit some hours in here and there at work.
A lady from our adoption agency called Friday morning. I was so excited, I was hoping it would be with a referral, but she said that Sue, the giver of referrals was wanting to know specific ages we would take. I told her and haven't heard anything since. So close. I pray we get our referrals this week. Aaron probably does too, since I drive him nuts wondering.
I have dental work on Tuesday. Yuck! I hate it, but better to keep my teeth and I am trying to be thankful for dentists. We have a busy week ahead
Monday - school
Tuesday - dentist :( I mean :)
Wednesday -Chiropractor :)
Thursday - Special field trip :)
Friday- hopefully be taking the girls to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Can't wait LOVE the books
Saturday Christmas with the Pirkles and home
And what a Christmas present if we got our referrals this week.
And Monday will be our 13th anniversary!!! Love, love, love my husband. I was so smart to marry him!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Attitude is Everything

I am ashamed to say that mine has been BAD! Really bad!
I forgot to have faith and have let that affect me horribly. The stress of the adoption/work/homeschooling/family time/etc. all rolled into one had driven me crazy. I have been irritable and snappy. I had forgotten my promise to God 3 1/2 years ago when we started this process.
I told God that I would not get upset when delays happened because I knew that God was all about timing and He would be timing the right children into our house at the right time. (And through all of this, I have been begrudgingly praying that no matter how much I whine and cry, I still want the children in my house that God wants in my house, even if it takes longer.)
At the time I prayed, the delays I was thinking about was paperwork getting lost in the mail and delaying a week or two, or stomach virus that keeps us from filing something for a few days, or anything else trivial that would delay it by a short time.
Never, never did I realize I was unknowingly praying for patience and increased faith. I made that promise to God and He apparently decided to test me with it. I pray I win the war of this test and come out faithful and I think I will, but I sure have lost some battles with faith along the way. Thank God that He is forgiving and lets me start over. What a mess I would be if I couldn't.
I was reading an adoptioin blog last night and I read the story of her adoption. So familiar. So encouraging. Long story short, they decided to adopt from the Ukraine, the country closed, they waited a few years for it to open back, then they decided to change countries. Then they went to another country, fell in love with a little boy, waited a year for him and that fell through. Then they questioned if God actually told them to adopt. (sounds familiar to me). Changed again and ended up wanting a little boy on a waiting list, but thought it was impossible to get him. Her daughter picked him also out of the waiting list. Then a week later, their agency referred that exact boy. His situation had changed about the time they got their paperwork in. I am not doing this story justice. But God was delaying the family because the child He wanted in their home was not ready to be adopted.
I know how they felt when they wondered why God told them to adopt, then put up roadblocks.
Working on my attitude!

Monday, December 13, 2010

About to cry over $50

I am so mad I want to cry. Spoke to USCIS just a minute ago. Apparently, the teenager who doesn't have a clue on the phone thinks that the reason that they rejected our paperwork and sent it back is because I sent in $85 each for fingerprints and I only needed to send $80 because the $80 fee hadn't gone up yet and I only sent $670 instead of the increased $720. So, instead of looking at the post mark, and realizing that I sent an extra 10 in, they got CONFUSED and sent back the whole application now apparently requesting the extra $50. I am sooooooo MAD. Especially since I asked MR. Genius on the phone if it will confuse them more if I sent in a check for $50 to make the difference and he says "no, I don't think so, I don't know why it would, I know other people have called with this same problem" Well, I think I know why it would, because the simple problem that it confused them last time!!!!!
By the way, if you hire someone to answer questions for your hotline, how about letting them know the answers to the questions so when people call in with questions about important stuff like the future of families, your people can give them definate answers instead of "duh, I don't know"
Off to the post office to get a $50 money order and praying someone who knows what they are doing will be able to figure out my application this time instead of sending it back to me 3 weeks later stating there is a problem.

It's always something

No news from our agency about referrals...
Friday, we got done with school as early as possible, skipping breaks so that we could go Christmas shopping about 30 min. away. I needed to mail off our original dossier to Washington DC. Well, I got everything ready, got my list of stuff I needed and set out to Mom's to pick her up. Realized when I got to Mom's that I forgot to bring the dossier. Rather than drive 15 min back to our house, then back to town before driving another 30 min, I decided to wait until today. I need to send it UPS, Fed Express, or something like that. There is only one place here in town I have found that you can mail stuff that way. It is in a pharmacy and you tell them you want to mail it and a person who has another job comes and gets your package ready at this tiny table barely big enough to fit a package and I just don't trust it that much. So, probably after lunch if it warms up a bit to the high 20s we may drive again 30 min away to mail it.
I had mailed our USCIS application on 11/19. Fees were going up on 11/23 or 11/24 and I looked up the web site and it said that the increased fees would be for those applications POSTMARKED after 11/23 or 11/24. cant remember which. Not that it mattered because I looked it up and mailed mine on the 19th. Well, almost 4 weeks later, I get my application, un-cashed money orders and everything else back in the mail along with a letter stating there was a problem with the fees. Of course the person typing the letter didn't feel the need to specify. But I bet they want the increased fee because they probably didn't open the package until after the 23rd, but didn't know that their web site said postmarked. and now the envelope that has the evidence of when I sent it is in a landfill somewhere and I am sure I won't be able to prove that I did send it in time and this will cost me another $100. Plus, why did it take 3 weeks to tell me this??? All this time I figured our application was being processed, when in reality we still haven't applied. UGH!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm terrible at decorating

If you have ever been to my house, you know it. And really, it doesn't bother me. I don't see mismatched stuff, I don't mind sheets that don't match, or paint that doesn't, or bare walls, or walls with slanted pictures. I DO have a problem with clutter, which I am constantly battling. With a school in our house, it adds to things we have to store while not doing school, but you also want them accessable. And I can't stand to have my table and countertops covered in the kitchen. I feel so much better when dishes are washed, the counters are wiped and the table is clean.
I don't normally notice my non matching, undecorated house until I go to someone elses that is perfectly decorated. Look at my blog, same old same old. I am all about function.
Why am I bringing this up. I don't know, just sitting here, reading some blogs in between reading a book while my snail-like dialup internet loads. The thought just entered my mind that if things go as our agency thinks, we will probably have 2 infants in our house in 4 months-6 months. Hard to believe. Have I done much to prepare? Not really.
I did go out in the garage one day when it was pretty out, opened the doors and went through a ton of boxes, and got rid of a lot.
Bout it...
I am pretty laid back about things. However, these are the things I do worry about nowadays and I know I need to trust in God to provide.
1. Let's see, I need to make as much money as possible to give us a buffer/pay for adoption before the babies get here...Aaron has forbid me from working 12 hour shifts once they get here. 2 babies for 12 hours = insanity
2. When the babies get here, if we don't get any monetary help with our adoption we will not only have multiple adoption loans to pay every month, but we will also have to buy formula for 2 babies and diapers for 2 babies. Which actually means I will need to work more? But then Aaron will want me to work less? I will have more demands at home and less sleep and then I go crazy being pulled in so many directions.
3. Let's not forget I am responsible for schooling a 1st, 3rd and 4th grader. Oh yeah, fitting that in too.
Yes, I am tremendously blessed. I don't want to sound complainy, but money is going to be due soon.
If you only knew how I beg God every night to prompt someone to help with our adoption. If we had it paid for, we could focus more on diapers and formula and hugs and kisses.

The only thing I can go back to is we are doing what God commands.
Proverbs 24:11-12
Rescue those being led away to death;
hold back those staggering toward slaughter.
If you say, "But we knew nothing about this,"
does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?
Does not he who guards your life know it
Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?

We know about the orphans and we aren't looking the other way.

1John 3:17
If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need, but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?

We are giving our home, lots of money, and our family to keep these children from growing up without a family

Philippians 2:4
Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

I am interested in giving these children parents.

James 2:15-17
Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good it is? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead

Planning on clothing and feeding them, keeping them warm and loving them.

So I read these verses and I know that God knows exactly how much money we make, how we need to pay so much money and very soon. How we will have approx. $23,000 due when we get our referrals. How we will probably spend up to $5000 to go to Ethiopia for the court day approx 6 weeks after that. How we will probably spend another $2000-$4000 6 weeks later to bring our babies home. He knows how much it will cost, how much our loans will be, and I pray every night that God sends some money for us, some how. Someone who perhaps can't adopt, but can still help an orphan by helping them have a home. Anyone?????

So tonight I am a little stressed. I pretty much work 12 hours each Saturday. I could work 3 12 hour days a week, then have school 4 days a week, or just do 2 12 hour shifts and school 5 days a week. Since we won't be taking more than a few days for Christmas break from homeschool, we can swing that easy. It is hard to be away from home that much and I miss the girls a lot. I have to be at work at 6:35 and usually get home between 7:30 and 8pm. I was hoping to get in 3 12 hour shifts this week, but I have been sick since Sunday and that probably hasn't helped my mood or outlook on life. Been real weak with this cold and tire easy. However I am hoping to turn a corner tomorrow, since I see much improvement every day. I am not blowing my nose constantly and you could probably recognize my voice again.

Thanks for reading my pity party. Hopefully, I will be full of faith and optomism tomorrow. No matter, I know without a doubt, these children will be such blessing and worth all of it. Still can't wait to see who they are, what they look like, will they be boys? or both? Hate waiting, but so glad the waiting is almost over.

Monday, December 6, 2010

No news yet.

Got a call Friday afternoon from Angela paperwork at our agency that she couldn't read the part of my birth certificate that stated when it was issued. You have to have a newly issued birth certificate, not one you have had for years. She wanted me to fax it or scan it and email it so that Sue can take a copy of our dossier to Ethiopia with her when she leaves on the 8th.
Friday night we had to leave not too long after I talked to her to go to the Christmas parade. All 3 girls got to go on the Girl Scout float. Aaron and I watched and froze, although it was not as cold as most years.
I was scheduled to work 7am-7pm on Saturday. Well, they called at 5 am to tell me that I was on standby and I didn't have to come in. I went back to sleep and woke up around 7:30. At 7:45, the supervisor called and said they needed me to come in. So I got there around 8:45 and worked until 7pm.
I felt like I might have a sinus infection coming on so I took some decongestant before going to bed Saturday night and woke up all night Saturday night so stopped up. I finally got up at 5am to blow and Aaron said he thought a herd of elephants was walking by. Madelyn and Natalie were stopped up, coughing and nose dripping too, so Aaron and Hannah went to church alone.
After Aaron got home, I went to CVS to get some sudafed. I also printed off a coupon and ended up getting the following for 27$:
4 zhu zhu pets 9.98 each
sudafed 10.49
3 12 packs of coke for $10 (got 3$ extra care bucks)
However with the coupon I had and buy one get one free this week, I got 4 zhu zhu pets for the price of one. Normally I wouldn't have bought these, but all 3 girls have to take a 5-10$ gift for Girl Scout Christmas party exchange.
I had a coupon for 5$ off the purchase of 20$ or more.
Plus I got another 3 $ in extra care bucks to use next time and a 5$ off next 20$ purchase!
I was so excited.
I was supposed to teach class last night at church, but gradually felt worse as the day went by. I had made a German Chocolate Upside Down cake for the church Christmas party last night. Madelyn felt bad enough that she didn't want to go either, even though she knew about the party, which really shows how bad she felt too. Aaron and I were going to take Natalie and Hannah and let Mom take them to her house afterward, then pick them up, but I felt achy and awful by that point and town is almost 20 min away, so we all stayed home and watched Funniest Home Videos, Makeover Home Edition, then Undercover Boss. I propped myself up on the couch last night to sleep and took 2 sudafed and 2 benedryl and slept pretty well.
I feel slightly better today. Got up at 6 am and woke the kids up at 6:30. We dropped some stuff off at Mom's, hung out there for a couple of minutes, then went by my work where they were nice enough to fax my birth certificate for me. Then we stopped by the store and picked up dog food and paper products and headed home.
Amazingly I was able to do school, but was completely worn out by that point. I had to lay down for an hour and let the kids watch tv. I just now took 2 more sudafed and an ibuprofen and I am hoping to perk up enough for a quick trip to the library. We just started studying Ancient Rome this morning and I have no books on Rome or this subject. Our curriculum gives a little and we are supposed to supplement the rest.
Praying for our referrals ASAP. I can't wait to see our new babies' faces!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

On the Waiting List!!!!!

Finally finished our dossier paperwork today and faxed a copy to our agency. So, we are officially on the waiting list. Did talk to our agency today and we actually were on the waiting list 11/19/2010. Even better.
Hoping to have our referrals by the end of the year! Praying to have our babies home by March or April...preferably March.