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Next stop China
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Much Better

Well, I am feeling much better since my post last week.  I am not as weak. I actually worked 3-7 on Monday. Bad thing is, I still cough a lot.  But the cough sounds much better.  I still get out of breath easily.   I am working 12 hours Friday and Saturday, so hopefully that will get me back in the routine of working and being up all day.
I still have done nothing for the homestudy. 
Here's the deal...
We still owe money for the last adoption, plus we owe some money on the credit cards.  Aaron and I want to get all of that paid off before we start again.  We will go ahead and get our homestudy done, but as far as starting with the agency, which will be an automatic bill of $6000 + we want to wait until we are out of this debt.  Once we do pay off the debt, Aaron's goal is to get $7000 in the bank, so that we can pay the first part of the adoption in cash.  Do you see how this adoption keeps getting pushed farther and farther away...???
Which is really sad to me. I have been trying to work as much as I possibly can, but the days that I can work are few.  I can only work 12 hour shifts on Thursdays, every other Friday, and Saturdays.  I work 3-7 on Mondays, and I could probably work 7-11pm on Tuesdays, but that would #1 put me driving home 30 min. around midnight and #2 put me finally going to sleep after 1am.  I have done it before and will probably do it while we aren't doing school.
I wish I could work fulltime, just until this debt is gone....  
And depressingly enough I missed out on a lot of money last week when I couldn't work. 
I had to remind myself today that God knows which child He wants in our family and He can make the financial situation turn around to time it just right.
So, seeing that our debt isn't decreasing as fast as I want combined with me being sick = me feeling too depressed to work on tedious paperwork.  However, it has to be done next week because we do have a timeline if we are going to use the same social worker, which we are and we want to.
The girls are starting soccer. I think Hannah has been to one practice and Madelyn has been to two, even though it started a few weeks ago.  But it has rained or been very cold for practice or Natalie has missed a few times for her cold, but maybe the weather will turn warm and stay that way. There are 6 weeks of Saturday soccer games.  Which also is another day that I can't work unless I miss a game.  What to do??
On a good note....
We only have 22 days left of school that we HAVE to do.  There is a good stopping point in our curriculum in just about that amt of time, so I think we will get to that point, stop for a little bit, then start right back up.  June is busy with Madelyn and Aaron flying to Ethiopia, so we may just take that whole month off.  Looking forward to days where all we have to do is find something fun to do to keep us occupied.

Friday, March 22, 2013

New dog, bronchitis and homestudy

We got a new little dog a few weeks ago. He is so cute. I have been wanting an indoor dog for a while.  Mainly to alert us if someone were to try to break in...give me a chance to get the gun.  We went to our local animal shelter and found a tiny little Pug mix. He is around 2 years old. We named him Frodo.  He has worked out really well. He had a few accidents in the house at first, but other than a couple of vomiting episodes the last 2 days (he does not do well with human food)., he hasn't had an accident in the house for a while.  At first the girls would take him out on the leash, but now I just open the door, let him go and he will come back barking when he wants back in.  I think he has lived in a house before.  At night, I put him in our cat carrier and he stays in there all night without whining.  I am too afraid to leave him out all night.  I might find lots of accidents if I did.
I have been miserable this week.  I felt fine Saturday.  Worked a 12 hour shift, came home and was wonderful. Last Sunday, I woke up and felt a little tired. I already wasn't planning on going to church because Aaron had to work and all 5 of the kids were snotty.  By lunchtime, I was sooo tired. I took a nap and when I woke up I was soo achy. My temperature went up to 100.8.  Now I know that is not much of a fever.  However, I have not had a temp above 99something since college.  16 + years!  I don't know if other people feel this way, but any time my temp goes above my normal, even it if is barely 99, for some reason, my knees and calves ache so bad.  I can hardly stand it.
So from Sunday afternoon until Wed. morn, I ran a 99-100 temp, which made my legs ache awful. I finally broke down and took a few doses of ibuprofen, even though it tears my stomach up.  Alternated between lying on the couch with a heating pad on my legs and taking hot bathes.
I had to call in for my 3-7 shift Monday.  Natalie and I went to urgent care Tuesday because she had it too. I believe I have bronchitis and I even started taking a stronger antibiotic today.  The same thing they gave Aaron for his back in Feb.
Long story short, I had to call in for Thur. and Fri both 12 hour shifts.  I don't think there was any way I could have worked this week.  I have been so weak. I had the grocery list done since Wednesday and finally today, I ventured out. But even then, Mom came and stayed with the kids so Aaron could drive me and push the cart at the grocery store. I have to constantly sit down to rest.  Yuck! I hate this.  
Finally tonight I am feeling one iota better and may be seeing the light at the end of this sick tunnel.
We met with our social worker last Friday.  Since I have been sick, I have done NOTHING for our homestudy. So maybe this week I can get to working on it. She will come again sometime next month to meet with us and take a detailed tour of our house.