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Next stop China
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Agreement Sent

Today I finally was able to mail our adoption agreement to our agency. One step closer. I had some pages that needed to be notarized and trying to coordinate with a notary is not fun or easy. Aaron finally had the best idea. And to think it had been staring at us every time we go to the chiropractor. The office manager is a notary. They have notarized letters from patients all over the walls in the hallway. See, I have a lady at work who agreed to notarize all of our adoption papers, but she leaves work before Aaron gets off work. Trying to get someone to bring their stamp to church doesn't always pan out either. Banks also close before Aaron gets off work. Yet our chiropractor, open until 6.
Let me make a suggestion for anyone out there thinking of adopting... Find a good friend, pay for them to become a notary, and then you will have someone at your disposal to help with all the paperwork. I am doing this if we adopt again.
Aaron wants to wait until we save up the approx $6000 in beginning agency fees before sending in our dossier. I believe he fears getting a referral and having to borrow the entire $30,000. At least this way we will have some of it paid in cash. I am hoping we will have that amount by the end of October. Our dossier is not completely finished. I am still waiting for about 4-5 documents from our social worker, who was out of town last week. Then I have a couple of things to get notarized, county stamped and state sealed, and a couple of pictures to take, and I think we will be ready to get on the waiting list. I wish we had the money now. It is so close...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Busiest Time of the Year

Soccer season has started. Now, I love soccer. I played for 9 years and I love that my girls are now playing. But it is so busy. This is the first year that Hannah gets to play. So, now we have 3 different kids in 2 different age groups this year. That means trying to make sure everyone gets to practice at different places/times. I don't know what I will do tonight. Aaron is probably going to be working until 7 on a fire. He didn't get home until 1030pm last night and had to be back to work 30 min. away at 7am this morning. Madelyn has a practice game at 4 at the Rec Center. Natalie has practice at 530 at the Rec Center, but Hannah also has practice at 530 at the Elem. School a few miles away. Hmm. Aaron will be at work, Mom is out of town. I guess I will figure something out.
We have practice Mon, Tue, and Thur. Probably starting next week, we will have multiple games 3 days a week. It is not too horrible for us. I feel sorry for people whose kids leave for school all day, then have games at night, plus homework.
The wild hog that came to our house every night for about 3 weeks disappeared the day that Aaron brought a rifle home. How convenient for the hog. Almost like someone told him it was no longer safe at our house.
However, he must be getting cocky again because after having a rifle for over 2 weeks, he's back. When I pulled in our driveway in the pitch dark last night, our dogs were right there. Normally they are at the house, I looked to the left and saw the huge outline of something moving. Sure enough it was the pig running away and across the road. What luck, the night the hog comes back, Aaron works til 1030. Perhaps he will start coming back and we'll get us a hog after all.
Took the last of our paperwork to church last night to get notarized, but she forgot the notary stamp and I told her not to worry, Aaron wasn't there anyway. She lives close to the soccer fields, and we were going to go there after practice, but Aaron won't be coming to practice. ugh. I hate waiting.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ancient Egypt

We are using Learning Adventures unit studies this year. Our first unit study is Ancient Egypt. There are various pictures, out of order. Notice the sarcofagus that each girl made with a mummy inside. Hannahs complete with x's over the eyes. Thrown in is a picture of the girls getting each other ready for church and a picture of the sunrise one morning from our front porch.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaron

Today is Aaron's birthday. I was going to make him a good supper. Grilled chicken with something good on the side. However, when I got home this afternoon from walking at the park and other errands, I looked in the freezer and found out that we don't have any chicken. Too late to go to the store, since it is 15 min away. I did find a box of red beans and rice. Well, maybe he will forgive me, since we did make an oreo pie this morning and should be well frozen when he gets here in 20 min.
I have decided to wake up early and make breakfast for Aaron and make the kids get up and eat with us. Normally, we 4 girls just sleep til we wake up, usually around 7 and then start our day then. I decided to at least try it for a week, since I am not signing up for 7-11 shifts regularly. Monday was rough, the girls complained all day about how tired they were. By the way, getting up and eating with Aaron means waking the girls around 5:45am. So, then Tuesday, I got up, but decided to let the girls sleep, I ended up going back to bed after Aaron left. (up late looking chasing a wild hog with the Montero - that's another story). So Tuesday, the girls complained that they didn't get to eat with Daddy, so it was up again for all of us today.
We are taking an especially long holiday weekend from school. I am working all of it, but Sunday.
Wild Hogs. We have a very punctual wild hog that lives on our property. Every night now, between 9-10pm, for over two weeks, he shows up to munch on our pears that have fallen from the tree. Hopefully, if we can get him, he will be coming to our supper and breakfast table soon.
Aaron went out behind the house yesterday (in the woods) and saw a sow and 10 piglets. These aren't sweet pink little things. These are agressive, ugly, hairy little piglets with teeth like a possum. But they taste like the sweet pink pigs. Aaron killed one this spring. Our Basset Hound Copper got it cornered and away from its family and Aaron was able to get it. Aaron said that Copper would pin down the pig, then let it go, when he let it go, instead of running away, it would come back and charge the dog which was much, much larger.