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Next stop China
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Will a dog ever work out?

I was working last Wed.  I work 7a-7p, which really means, I have to clock in at 6:45 and don't clock out until 7:15pm.  My cell phone has terrible coverage in the hospital and normally I can only get text messages in the breakroom, near the window.  I don't carry my cell phone at work anyway, it stays in my purse. I happened to put it in my pocket around 7pm for the drive home and was sitting at the nurses desk waiting for the other nurse to give report when it vibrated.  Aaron had sent me the following text message "Chloe (our dog) is loose in the church parking lot."
For a split second, I was wondering why in the world Aaron took Chloe to church with him.  He hates the dog.  I tried to call him and remembered that he had already gone into class by that point.  I figured that somehow the dog snuck into the car and no one realized it until it was too late to turn back and make it to church on time.  I found out later that I was right.
I left work and decided to head over to the church building on my way home.  Long story short, Natalie and I stayed for a while after until the parking lot cleared out looking for her.  Never found her, but we did tell a few lingering people that we were looking for our dog and described her.
I thought we'd never see her again.
Well, Friday afternoon, I was working again and Aaron calls me to let me know some people at church had found her and taken her home Wed. night and just found out we were looking for our dog.
They had already taken her to the vet, when they thought she was a stray.  So Aaron told them I would pick her up on Saturday.  I was so stressed out and a little depressed. Why, because I knew that I would owe these people money for a vet bill, plus I was already going to have to pay to have her fixed next month. I didn't have the money budgeted for that and I was sad to have to pay out more money. I wasn't mad at them for taking her to the vet, I was just mad at the situation.  Ugh!
Long story short, I called the man who had Chloe Saturday before I headed to his town for some other errands to see if he was going to be around.  He said he was coming to our town and would bring her by, so I agreed to that. He also said that his wife just loved Chloe and if we ever needed to get rid of her, they would take her.
I got off the phone and asked the family if they really really wanted her. Of course, no one really cared. So I called him back real quick and told him to keep her if he wanted. He was so excited and offered to pay me for her!
While on the phone I remembered that I had prayed about whether or not to keep Chloe just the week before. She bit Ethan, didn't even break the skin, but did leave indentions.  I had no idea what happened and could not get the full story from Ethan
"Ethan, why did Chloe bite you?"
Ethan "because she did"
Went round and round with that for a while.  So I couldn't blame her for biting him if he fell on her, or pulled her tail, etc.  But if she had just bitten him for no reason, it would probably happen again. I feel good about giving her away, but sad that I don't have an inside dog anymore.
Aaron told me Sunday "I'm glad you cook better than you raise dogs"  something like that. It was funny. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weird sickness.

Lots has been going on here, although I seem to be in a funk for the last week or so.  Feeling sick off and on.  I am starting to think that #1 I ate some soy protein and didn't realize it or #2 the egg whites I have been eating for weeks is catching up to me.  I have been miserable.
I wasn't feeling too great Friday at the end of my 12 hour shift, came home and went to bed> I was having real bad heartburn, chest achiness that comes with my real bad heartburn.  I went to 2 soccer games Saturday, feeling pretty sick.  Nothing helps a nauseated belly better than sitting in full sun for over two hours... I felt horrid by the time soccer was over...
Aaron was at Madelyn's game 30 min. away, while I had Natalie and Hannah and thank goodness, Mom watched the boys.
I had the abdomen aching, whole body aching like I do when I eat soy.  And nausea.  YUCK!  I ended up still feeling bad on Saturday night and called in sick Sunday. I felt only slightly better Sunday and was thankful I called in.  I might have been able to make it 12 hours, but probably not.  Aaron took the kids to church and ended up coming home after class before church because he was feeling sick himself, which led me to believe I had a touch of the stomach bug, and I had given it to him.
I felt pretty well Monday. I was happy and thinking that I was over whatever it was.  I was cancelled Monday because of low census, so I didn't have to work that day either. I went ahead and signed up to work Tuesday, hoping to make up for days missed. However, they cancelled me Tuesday too and I am sooo glad. I felt great that morning.  Aaron and I took the kids to the library, then to the park. After about 1 1/2 hr at the park, I felt so sick, I couldn't wait to get home. Came straight home and went upstairs and alternated between lying in the bed feeling sick and sitting in the bathroom feeling sick.  So achy.
I felt fine Tuesday morning and ate egg whites that Aaron made for my breakfast.  Then after lunch, I felt horrid for a few hours Tuesday. I would have had to have come home early if I had went to work.  I was sick! No vomiting. It is the strangest symptoms. 
I woke up this morning, feeling pretty well. Excited that I was finally over it. I felt good, but was a little worried this afternoon that although I had not eaten hardly anything, I had no appetite and was not real hungry.  Still, no worries.  I had to make brownies for 40 people for a dinner at church tonight and had to deliver them by 5.  I got them done and Natalie and I went to church. I dropped them off at 4:30 then went straight to Aldi.  I got about 3/4 way through Aldi and started feeling horrible again. So nauseated, stomach aching, awful. I was like "hurry up, Natalie, I have to get home"  Ugh, then of course the 20min. drive home. I went straight to the bathroom and took some pepto - yuck!.  Sat upstairs for a while feeling like vomiting again, aching all in my abdomen again, then came downstairs about 30 min. later.  Aaron had brought in all the groceries and sorted it all in the pantry.  he's so sweet.
So he took all the kids but Hannah to church while I lied on the couch with a heating pad wrapped around my abdomen and Hannah and I watched Duck Dynasty.   Finally, I had enough pain and aching. I took 1/2 a lortab I had leftover from a root canal and about 20 min later, I was feeling sooo much better, hungry all of a sudden, and was able to eat supper. It has worn off now, and I barely ache, so it isn't over, but much better. 
This is my life with soy protein (and possibly eggs?  I can't think of anything I have eaten that could have had soy protein in it, I am always reading labels. ) 
Oh well, when I do slip up and eat soy, I am usually sick off and on for about 2 weeks, so this is following that pattern. Normally, each time I feel sick it lasts a shorter amount of time.  Hopefully, I won't get sick at work on Friday.
Aaron has had a weird schedule since the govt. shutdown.  Working some one day, nothing the next. Who knows.  I hope he at least gets paid for what he worked during the shutdown. That is why I have been trying to get all 3 days in each week at work, since Aaron may not get paid for a while.  So, we have stopped paying extra on debt and only been paying minimum until Aaron starts getting a paycheck. It has been nice seeing Aaron more each day. I love being with him, although he is a worker and doesn't like being at home all day. He has washed so much dishes, laundry, I think he is ready to get back to working.