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Next stop China
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tired of being sick

My throat started hurting 10 days ago.  I went on antibiotics 6 days ago and I still am weak, coughing, drainage, and hoarseness.  It is better than it was.  I was waking up and could barely squeak out a noise until lunchtime.  Now it just requires much effort to have a conversation. 
Not to mention poor Aaron. He had an upper respiratory infection the first week in January and missed a week of work, very unusual for Aaron. He has to be really sick to miss work. He got mostly better.  Kept a cough originating in his throat and then started running a fever again on Friday.  Ran a fever all weekend. And his cough had moved back to his chest.
So yesterday, much to his misery, he had to call into work again.  Today too.
I got him an appt. at 3:15 yesterday with our regular doctor.
After finishing school with the girls and getting the boys to bed, mom came over after she got off work so I could take Aaron to the doctor.
I dropped him off and headed to CVS. 
I got so many good deals. Using ECB, CVS cash, and coupons.  I spent a total of around $43.
For that I got:
6 - 12 packs of Pepsi products
3 - Suave body washes
3 - Suave kids shampoo/conditioner
1 - Tresemme shampoo
1 - Tresemme conditioner
1 - Dove body wash
1 - 6 pack of Dove bar soap
1 - Dove deoderant
3 - Axe Body wash
1 - 12 pack toilet paper
1 - 6 pack paper towels
1 - Cover girl bottle of makeup
1 - Cover girl powder
1 - Caress body wash
4 - 32 oz Gatorades
I think that is all I got.  I got one load, took it to the car, locked the car, then came back and got the rest.  About the time I got done with this, Aaron had texted me that he was almost done.
I felt bad because traffic was bad and it probably took me 10 min. to get back to pick Aaron up while he waited outside feeling horrible.
But he survived and now has bronchitis again.  He said the doctor listened to his lungs and sent him straight to the chest xray. He still feels horrible today and is sleeping on the couch right now. His bed for the last 4 nights since he breathes better propped up. 
Thankfully, his prudence in not using his sick days is that he has so many sick days built up that he could take off a long time and still get paid.  It still eats at him to stay home. Unfortunately when I call in sick I get a big fat zero!.  That is the bad part about working PRN.  You don't work, you don't get paid, you don't accumulate holidays, etc.  The good part about working PRN is that you only sign up for what you want to work, you choose your days, you get paid more because the company doesn't provide you benefits. It all works out, but it is depressing that I had to take off 2 days last week.
I am working 3-7 Thursday and I hope I have the energy for it.   Plus 12 hours Saturday.
I was so sick of being in the house, that yesterday, it was so pretty out, I took the 4 youngest kids for a walk around the block.  It was 1.3 miles and my legs were weak the rest of the day.  Now before I came down with this throat infection I was walking 3 miles a day and doing some mild yoga for about 25 min. a day. And now a small walk about wears me out.  Bummer.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

winter of sickness

I am not complaining, I even dread typing this, for fear it will backfire on me, but so far no stomach virus.
However, starting in late October, Madelyn came down with a sinus infection that turned into bronchitis.    Then a few weeks after that, she ended up with what I think was the flu and pretty much lied in bed for 3 days then laid around for another 4-5 days after that.  She has since had another respiratory virus. 
Aaron was sick almost a month ago with some kind of virus, upper resp. infection.  He finally went to the doctor and got on antibiotics.  I think he missed a whole week of work, which is very unlike him. He really has to be sick to call in.  His cough has never left and last night he started running a fever again. His temp is 101.2 tonight.  Just achy and coughy.  Now I am wondering if he has the flu. He and Madelyn were the only ones not to get a flu shot.  Madelyn missed hers because she was sick.
I started feeling bad last Sunday.  I worked 12 hours Monday, but felt terrible and was lightheaded and weak all day. This gradually got worse. I had to call in sick Thur. and Friday. My throat has been killing me and I am so weak.  I went to the doctor Thurs. No strep, but he said it was some kind of throat infection. I have been on antibiotics for 3 days and I still don't feel much better.  I stopped feeling worse, so I guess that is something.  I can barely squeak out words in the mornings especially when I first wake up. Mom called earlier and she was like "Karen, is that you?"  She said I sounded like a man.  Oh well.
Maybe we will all be on the mend soon.
I was doing so good exercising every day and eating better and now that has gone to the wayside. Looking forward to starting back again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bad Blogger

Wow, I have been a terrible blogger.  I think it was October that I even wrote anything. 
Just chugging along with work and homeschooling.
I am excited that were are around day 95 of this year.
Homeschool co-op started back after the new year and the girls are very excited. It is nice for me to get to talk to some friends too. 
Aaron signed up to go back to Ethiopia for another mission trip this summer.  June it is. I am excited for him. We are also very, very likely going to send Madelyn with him. The main thing I worry about is her being able to shower without accidentally drinking the water.  When we took the girls in 2011, our bathtub had a hand held shower faucet. I would make the girls sit in the tub, tip their heads back with a towel over their face and wash their hair, making sure none of it splashed into their faces. They weren't allowed to talk at all during this process. Then I would pull their hair back away from their face or braid it so that they wouldn't accidentally get a wet hair in their face and get sick.  It worked, no one got sick while there.   She is too old for Aaron to help her in the shower, but I think he could at least let her lean her head over into the tub dressed and wash her hair. Then bathe later.  I hope she gets to go.
We also have a meeting set up with our social worker next month.  Planning to start with our homestudy again.  I am hoping to get done with all the paperwork by April, May at the latest.  Ugh! I dread filling out another dossier.  Which means doctor's appts, and all that mess.
I am excited. At this time, we are planning on asking for an infant girl and I am hoping be done with this adoption by spring of 2014. But who knows.. you can't depend on much in international adoption, but we can depend on God!
I worked 12 hours Sat, went to church Sunday morning (had the toddler nursery, with 3/4 of the babies crying), came home, ate lunch, then went to a baby shower.  Came home again for about 1 hr, then turned around and went back to church.  I took everyone except Ethan, who has a nasty snotty nose and Aaron volunteered to stay with him. After church , Aaron met me at Panera Bread and picked up the kids so I could eat with some ladies from our Sunday morning class.  I got home around 8:30 Sunday night. It was a good time.
Then I worked 12 hours Monday since Aaron was off work. 
I felt horrible at work Monday and let me tell you, 12 hours on your feet, feeling horrible, makes a long, long day.  I feel even worse today. My throat is killing me. I keep having episodes where I am lightheaded, weak, wobbly legged, etc.  I don't feel sick enough to go to the doctor, but not well enough to work either.  Or read for school. We skipped that today, since it hurts to talk.
I even had Mom come over and watch the kids so Aaron could take me to the grocery for our big trip. I normally do it alone, or sometimes with the kids, which I don't like to do, but I was too weak and lightheaded to go alone and I know Aaron would have balked at the list and coupons I had clipped if I had tried to send him by himself. 
We were  low on food.  Natalie rejoiced when we walked in the door "yeah! we have food!"  I guess they had gotten to the bottom of the barrel while I was at work.