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Next stop China
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missing the boys!

I will get back to blogging my journal later. Right now I miss the boys so much. It is very hard to think about them being on the other side of the world...On another continent... I go to bed every night thinking of them and wake up in the mornings the same way. We didn't pass court on March 28 because #1 our MOWA letters were not there on either of the boys. #2 On Seth Abenezer, the judge wanted a letter explaining his birth family's situation. #3 on Ethan Tariku, the judge wanted a police report about finding him abandoned. When we got back to the orphanage that day, the orphan director said that the paperwork on the kids could be obtained within a few days and the MOWA letters were coming in all the time and not to worry, he was sure it would all be there by the next time our case is submitted to court. He thought that would be in 19-20 days. Which would probably be April 18. I am waiting to hear from Sue to see if that is correct and if we are scheduled for that day. So right now we are at a standstill. Once we pass court, our paperwork will be started for our embassy date. The embassy date is at least 3 weeks after passing court. 2 weeks minimum for them to process the paperwork, then if they do call you after 2 weeks, it is to tell you to come the next week. But it may be up to 2 months later also. Pray we get them home soon. Sue said you will get a 3-7 day notice of when to be back in Ethiopia. Hope we get more than 3 days. It took almost 2 days to get there. Once we pass court, I am planning on packing and having it ready for whenever we leave. I am trying to continue to sort and make room in the house. I need a few small dressers to put in closets under our hanging clothes. Right now, Madelyn and Natalie's clothes are either hung up or placed on a bookshelf in their closet. Hannah's clothes are in a tote that she digs through. We have a large dresser we are getting rid of because it is old and dangerous because drawers keep falling out. Once we get that out of Natalie and Hannah's room, they will have a little more room. I cleaned out my dresser a few months ago. It has 5 drawers and I am only using 3. The bottom two I have full of baby clothes. Plus a few more boxes/bags of baby clothes in the closet. I can go through those better once the boys get home and I see what fits. I hate sorting and organizing and I am terrible at it, so this is a big stresser for me. Our crib is in the attic and we will need to get that down and put it up in Madelyn's room. The other crib for Ethan will probably go into the living room. It's at Mom's apartment. Things will be real tight until we get our tax return next year and get some of the money back to pay off the adoptions. Hopefully we will be out of debt soonafter and can start on turning the garage into bedrooms. We should be able to get 3 bedrooms out of it. Or maybe 2 bedrooms and a small playroom upstairs in the attic part.

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