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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Antibiotics for all...

Ethan has had a snotty nose off and on for a month.  It would get bad, then get better, off and on. It has finally moved to his chest, but still not bad. No fever, he acts fine, etc, but when he coughs, it sounds awful.
Seth started coughing about 3 days ago and he sounds awful.  His nose started the running yesterday and he too has no fever,  still acts pretty well, just less energy, but he coughs all night long.  By the way, Madelyn has bronchitis and Hannah has a sinus infection. (took them to the walk in clinic on Friday) 
I had an appt at 10:15.  No one to watch the other kids, so all 6 of us went.  Didn't see the nurse practitioner until 11:15.  1 hour waiting with 5 kids in a tiny room, praying to not get a germ while we were there.  Anyway, she finally came in and was real nice and declared that Seth had bronchitis and a sinus infection and Ethan has a sinus infection and double ear infections.
They send their prescriptions by email to the pharmacy, so I was hoping that when I got the pharmacy in an hour, they would be ready to be picked up. Not so, the pharmacy said they had just gotten the prescriptions and the syrup the doctor prescribed they were out of.  So she could call a Walgreens 20 min. away and see if they had it. Well, I had just come from there and really didn't want to drive all the way back.
Thankfully, Mom works close by and was able to swing by that pharmacy and pick up the syrup.  Then she swung by the Walgreens close to our house to pick up the antibiotics.  I guess they didn't have our insurance card, because normally I spend about $.50 on that antibiotic and the total for both boys was around $35.00.  So, that will have to be fixed.
Anyway, I pulled the medication out of the bag and what did they give Seth?  My 2 year old?  Huge amoxicillin capsules.  Really?  He's 2.   And while I admit,  he is the best medicine taker ever, I don't think he can handle these huge pills.
So I call the pharmacy.  They say that is how the nurse practitioner wrote it.  So I call the doctors office. Tell the receptionist what happened. She said she would send the message to the doctor about changing it. Then she asked if it was capsules. I said yes, and she said "she may just want you open up the pill and give it to him?" 
I wanted to say "do you want to come over and do that? , Have you ever tasted and antibiotic pill?  Have you ever given a 2 year old medication?"
So, that was a few hours ago and I haven't heard back.  I think I will call again to see if they ever sent a new liquid prescription over there.  What a mess.
I have not been impressed. So far, the boys are the only ones that have been. The first appt. was for around 8am. It took over an hour and 1/2 for the doctor to come in. That is just not acceptable to me.  Today, it was an hour.  I don't know what we will do. I liked our last ones and I guess they are about the same distance away, so I may just go back to them.  They just use different hospitals. 

Also, 2/3 of our toilets are not working. One won't flush at all. The other one is leaking into our garage. Yuck!  I have been waiting for about 5 hours for the rooter guys to call and say they are coming. I hope they make it soon.  Aaron got called to a fire, so he is on his way home, but he should have been home 30 min. ago.
I am a little stressed.  UGH!

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