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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Pictures, Changing Co-ops

Thought I would add some updated pictures since it has been SOOO long since I have added pictures of the kids.  Pictures on in birth order. 
Natalie and Hannah are at camp this week.  Madelyn chose not to go, so we have enjoyed spending alone time together this week. Something that does not happen much. Of course the boys are here, but they nap and go to bed early, so that leaves time for Madelyn and me.  She wanted to go shopping for clothes yesterday. I had to remind her that clothes were not budgeted and for a long time, we will only be buying necessities.   She is ok with that. 
We got up early and dropped the boys off at Mom's house so that Madelyn and I could go pay for our car tags today.  Last day to do it.  Madelyn kept asking me while we waited in line.  "why couldn't you just pay it at the first of the month?'"  I kept answering "because I put it off" she would ask again like I didn't understand her question and I would answer again like she didn't understand my answer.  Finally I told her I just now got the money. 
Today my plans are to sort through our filing cabinet and get rid of things we don't need, and make a few new folders.  BORING! I also plan to do my exercise.  Of course, like usual, I have not lost any weight, however, I can really tell how much stronger I am.  Mom kindly offered to let me leave the boys at her house until lunch.  It has been nice and quiet here.
She just spent 10 days in TN at my brother's house watching his kids while he and his wife went on vacation, and the boys have really missed her.  Ethan asked me almost every morning "is Grandma here?"  Mom came home Sunday and then rode with me to take the girls to camp.  All the kids went and Aaron got a quiet afternoon in the house. It was cute because I think Ethan said "I love Grandma" at least 20 times on the way there and back. 
The kids go to a homeschool co op here. We have been going to the same one since we moved to AL in 2007.  It is a good one and I don't have anything bad to say about it. It is huge with over 180 families that meet each week for different classes. I have not taught the last two years since we got the boys. Truthfully, between homeschooling and work, I really, really don't have the patience and time for it. I am already overwhelmed sometimes.  I am not complaining, I agree with their policy that if you are a teacher, then you get to sign your kids up first for their co op classes.  Well, since I don't teach, by the time I sign up, many of the classes the kids wanted to take are full.  This year being the worst.  I don't know what classes my kids made it in this year, but I know that 5 of them were full before our sign up time.  And the kids will be disappointed.  And I have been considering changing co ops at some point anyway.  And I think this will be the year to do it.  No sense in driving 35 min. each Friday to attend classes that they don't want to go to without any of their friends. Their friends can spend the night once a month and they will see them more then than the 5min. between classes and 15 min. at the end of co op before we leave.  I have found a co op that is just starting this year.  A friend I went to college with told me about it. It is the same distance away and it is affiliated with the same religion we are. You only have to commit to teaching a class every other week.  I just think it is a good time to leave. 
Aaron just asked me on the phone if I have signed up yet (deadline is tomorrow)  I told him no, even though I have made the decision, I have SUCH a hard time leaving one thing and moving on to something new.  Even if I don't like where we are, even if I am excited about the new thing, just saying the words and telling the people we are leaving is so stressful for me.  Aaron readily agreed that I did have a problem with that.  HA!  He knows me so well.  I have not told the other girls yet since they are at camp. I dread that too, but I also feel good about this change.

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