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Next stop China
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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Debt Update

Quick debt payoff update since it has been so long, then I will post even more exciting news.
We are down to a mere $5100 in debt! (excluding our house)
That means that since August 2013 when we started our debt snowball and fierce budgeting, we have paid off $37,000!  Whew!
Just this last week, I sent in the last payment for our van. Aaron counted it up and I think he said we paid it off 26 payments early.  All we have left is to pay is the AC we bought last summer.
I am a budget nerd now.  We do 2 week budgets instead of monthly budgets since my paycheck varies so much depending on how much I work and I only know my schedule a month ahead of time.
Anyway, right now we are on track to get rid of the AC debt by the end of April.
Possibly sooner if Aaron gets some overtime AND if they stop cancelling me.  What is up with the census dropping in winter. I am glad that people aren't so sick, but I really need to work!

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