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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pet Cemetary

Continuing on the theme of animals that live here that aren't pets... A few weeks back, this black dog started hanging around on our property. It would kind of slink around and wouldn't get close enough for us to pet. The girls immediately named him Blackie. We tried to encourage him (by throwing rocks) to leave, we didn't need 3 dogs, but he still hung out. The same day the girls left for TN with the grandparents, Aaron and I were walking around outside and I stepped up on the back porch and see a black nose and paws sticking out from under our cat house. It was barely able to fit through the hole to get in and out. Long story short, it tried to bite Aaron when he was trying to lift the cat house and let it out and that was Blackie's downfall.
Blackie met a swift end ( I will spare you the details), but was able to run about 20ft into the woods before falling over. I felt guilty at first, but then I could picture that dog hiding in the cat house, the kids sticking their arm in with a cupfull of cat food and having it torn off by crazy dog and decided that I didn't feel so bad after all.
It was time to leave for church so we put off burying the thing (mistake #1). The next night Aaron went to look at it, it was already covered with flies and the buzzards were literally circling and it wasn't stinking yet. By the time the girls got home Thursday, if the wind was right, you got a wiff of it, still not too bad. Friday, Natalie comes inside and says "I think Blackie is dead" I asked why and she says "because there is a black furry leg in the front yard." Sure enough, our dogs decided they needed to spread Blackie around.
Aaron got home from work that day, and due to the stench now being bad, took a couple of wheelbarrow loads of dirt and covered the thing. Ahhh, no more stench and problem solved.
Next morning, a beautiful day, I was opening all the blinds in the living room like I do every morning and I look out our window and about 5 foot from the house was a nasty pile of Blackie. No hiding it now. Aaron happened to call to ask a question and got a good laugh out of the fact that our beautiful view now included a dead pile of dog. All day we found teeth, jawbone, nails, etc on our porch, by the swing, everywhere.
Aaron finally just put on some gloves and stuffed the thing in a thick trash bag and put it out with the trash. Hopefully Blackie won't be back.

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