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Next stop China
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Debt be gone

Aaron was called to a fire in East AL last weekend. They called on Sunday and told him he had an hour to get to the office which is 30min. away if he wanted to go. So we started throwing stuff in his bag and packing his fire clothes and he was off. He came back Thursday evening. We have been praying for money or a way to make more money for the adoption for a long, long time, so we figure if God gives us a chance for overtime, we need to take it. He went to Arkansas for 16 days in Feb, and again 16 days in March. When we lost so much money on the last failed adoption, Aaron decided we wouldn't spend any more money on another adoption until we had all our debt paid off (except our house). We have put our adopton plans on hold the last almost 2 years so we can do that. We will hopefully be out of debt at the end of next month. Yes!. As hard as it has been to wait for the adoption, it feels so good to start out again without the debt hanging over our heads.
Thankfully, Aaron got back in time and we didn't have to change the date of Natalie's 8th birthday party. We are getting ready to get the final preparations at Walmart. Like normal, I havent heard from any of the parents of the kids we invited, so I have not idea how many hot dogs to buy. At least they freeze. We are going to have a hayride, cook hot dogs over the fire and hike in the forest behind the house. It will be fun, even if not many kids come.

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  1. Yay! for being almost out of debt! So proud of you guys!!!