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Next stop China
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

School is in session

We started our 4th grade, 3rd grade and 1st grade school years on Monday. We did this last year, starting in the summer so we could have a nice fall break. So far so good. For Hannah, I am using the 1st grade curriculum that I used when Madelyn was in first grade. It is called Children Around the World and we will be studying a different country each week. For Madelyn and Natalie, we are using a new curriculum that I hadn't seen before, called Learning Adventures. It is a unit study where you study a certain subject in depth for a certain number of days. So, our first 30 days we are studying Ancient Egypt and using the Bible study of Joseph to do that. The girls like it so far, and I think it will work out good.
I had agreed to work 7-3 for the charge nurse at work for 5 days in August, so I am already planning on having to take a week off for that. There is a Bible camp about an hour away from here and some of the girls' friends are going, so I offered Madelyn and Natalie a chance to go and they took it. So they will be going to another camp and Hannah will be here with me.
Last week, Aaron was only 2 1/2 away on a fire, and he had a hotel room, so we decided to go and visit. Most of the time he is on a fire, he is out west camping out, so this was unique. So we drove over there Thursday night and stayed until Saturday and Aaron rode back with us. We had a good time, Aaron still had to work, but we were able to eat supper with him every night. Plus, we got to swim in the indoor pool twice and we went to a couple of museums. The girls love museums.
I am filling out our adoption application this week and sending it Friday or Saturday. I am getting very excited. Our social worker emailed me with a few more questions so she can complete our adoption and she should be finishing soon. The adoption agency social worker wants to see the homestudy before it is notarized so that she can make sure it will work for Ethiopia and everything is addressed that needs to be addressed. She emailed me yesterday saying that the wait for a referral for an infant girl is around 4-6 months. So soon!
Work had called a bunch wanting me to come in over the weekend. And they have wanted me to come in each day this week. SOOO hard to say no. I live with constant guilt over not working each time that they call. Aaron says "it is not up to you to save them" I know, but whenever they call, I see $$. But I keep saying I am going to work less. It is stressful on me to work a little every day. Now that school is started I need my focus to be on the kids and they extra stuff we can do.

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