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Next stop China
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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I got back our kids' medical forms this week, so now I can send them to the social worker and she can complete our home study. Unless something major comes up, which is always a possiblity, we should have our debt completely paid off and have enough to apply for the homestudy the next time we get paid in two weeks. Yes!
I was hoping to finish off the debt with this paycheck. Unfortunately, the week before last, instead of working 40 hours like I was scheduled, I got in a whopping 5. Last week I was able to work 25 out of 40 hours. I signed up for 40 hours this coming week, but when I looked at the schedule the boss printed out, I am only signed up for 24. I need to check on that. After this coming week, I am planning on going down to 1-2 days a week. I am hoping to start school on the 19th of July. If the girls curriculum comes in. I ordered it yesterday. That way we can take a nice long break in the fall when it is so pretty out.
Aaron's work called Wed. night to see if he wanted to go to a fire about 3 hours from here in another forest. So he left Thursday morning and will be gone until Monday at least. So he will be able to make up for all the days I missed in the last few weeks.
The girls got home from camp last night. Madelyn and Natalie went to camp with my brother Eric's two oldest boys up in TN. Aaron and I took them up there last Sunday, but they were able to catch a ride on the church bus with my brother's kids and go back to their church. Then Eric brought all 3 home last night. He spent the night and he and the oldest did some target shooting. Hannah had stayed most of the week at Aaron's parents and they brought her to Eric's for the ride home. They all had a good time and I am glad to have them home. It gets lonely and quiet here without them. Camp was a huge deal for me growing up, so I want them to have great experiences too. I worked 8-10 weeks at Short Mountain Bible Camp a summer from the time was 13-19. It was the highlight of my year.

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