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Next stop China
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We moved into our friend's empty house at the beginning of the month. Things have been going pretty well. We have dealt with one toilet for 5 of us. (not counting 2 in diapers).
Ugh! Last night around 6:30, Aaron had just gotten home with Madelyn from B-ball practice.
And the lights went out. It was pouring rain, but not storming. Seth freaked out because he happened to be in a room alone when it happened.
Aaron quickly figured out that it was a problem with the fuse box. The breaker box was running, but the fuse box wasn't.
So I called Mom to see if we could bring the kids over, since they were running around in the dark, getting in the way, and Aaron and I were irritated.
We took the kids to Mom's, Aaron grabbed the large fuses he thought might be the problem and we drove 25 min to Lowes to find new fuses. They had every one but the size we needed. So we drove to Home Depot. Same thing, every fuse known to man, but there was one little space empty - the one we needed. So we drove back to town, got sleeping bags and blankets, emptyed our fridge and freezer into baskets ( I had just stocked it at walmart that morning), and carried it all to our empty "No water" house. Because at least our "no water" house had lights, unlike our "no electricity" house that had water.
What a nightmare our housing situation is!!!!!
I want to cry, but what is the point?
Aaron and I drove separate cars to the "no water " house last night, so he could drive straight to work. Mom had to work this morning, so after packing some food that didn't have to be cooked from our '"no water" house to take to the "no electricity" house so we could eat.
Add to this, that our van is making bad noises and I am afraid to drive it. But it is the only vehicle that we all fit in. Our mechanic is closed until Jan. 2.
So this morning, I picked up the boys and Madelyn and Mom brought Natalie and Hannah over on her way to work.
I called an electrician we used to go to church with. He came over about an hour later and was able to diagnose the problem quickly and fix it with the flip of a switch. He didn't even charge us, so that was a blessing.
Apparently, we flipped a breaker with our fuse box. So confusing.
So, now 95% of my food is at the "no water" house in the fridge, but I can't go get it because I can't fit all the kids in the working car I have.
Aaron normally stops by our "no water" house to feed the pets on the way home. When he does that he normally gets home between 5-5:30. But tonight, Natalie and Hannah have practice at 5. But I can't take them - again - van broke, until Aaron gets home. So I will probably just tell him to come straight home. Then one of us can take the girls to practice, while the other one drives out to the "no water" house with the other 3 and pick our food back up and bring it back here.
By the way HAPPY 14th ANNIVERSARY to us today.
Aaron left me the sweetest note this morning. On a paper plate, because we were at our "no water" house without supplies. I will say this... I would rather have all these housing problems with my Aaron than to be without him or with someone else. Any day!

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