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Next stop China
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Seth's potty training is coming along. He still has accidents and poops in his diaper about every other day. Every once in a while he will come and tell me he has to poop. But normally he goes about 3-4 times a day when I sit him on the potty. And he usually pees while sitting there too. Every time in the potty saves me a diapers I guess.
This root canal has been better than any other. I haven't had to take pain medication since the day after. It is still a little sore. Much to my disappointment, they only put a temporary filling in it? Why? Who knows, but I was so excited to have it done that day, then at the end, the dental assistant told me I had to go back to my regular dentist within 6 weeks to have the temporary filling changed out. Makes me want to cry. I am assuming it will be more money and more numbing and more pain. This never ends!
I am doing well with the whole selling of the house. I miss it. If I let myself dwell on it. I find myself spending a lot more time indoors at this house and I don't really like that. At the other house it was 3/10 of a mile to walk to the driveway and back. At this one it is 2/10. But at the other house, hardly anybody drove by. At this one, we are right in town and I guess I am a little selfconcious.
I ran into some old friends from our old church at Walmart the other day. He asked if we were living in the rental. This town is so small that even if you don't tell anyone anything, everyone knows. I told him yes and that we sold our house. He was like "you sold your house, just when you were getting city water?"
Whereas I replied that I don't believe that we are actually getting city water there. I still feel that is a good chance the powers that be will mess it up. Plus I was told by one county commissioner that we would definately have water by Sept 2011. Nope.
Then again, we were told in November by a different county commissioner that we should have water within 6 months. That would be April. Aaron drives past our old road every day and has yet to see any signs of digging. In other words, you can't trust them. And I would challenge anyone to live in a house with no water for 4 months like we did with 5 kids. So, do I believe city water is coming.
At this point...Nope! I hope for the people's sake with land there, that they do.

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