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Next stop China
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Root Canals, etc.

Yesterday I had my 4th or 5th Root Canal. Can't remember.
Best one so far...
This was an endodontist because it was in a tooth that I have a cap on. But he numbed it real, real well.
So well that he last night when I went to bed, about 10 hours after he numbed it, it was still a little numb around the tooth. I am sore though and took pain medication yesterday and last night.
We are all going to the chiropractor this morning, so I haven't taken any pain medicine, and surprisingly enough, I don't need it. I am a little nervous about him adjusting my neck, afraid he might grab my bad tooth.
It hurts a little, and when I touch that side of my face, it hurts more, and I for sure don't eat on that side of my mouth, but as far as extreme pain, I am not feeling it. Yipee!
So as far as I am concerned, I am home free, unless it abcesses after the root canal, which has happened before and doesn't usually start really hurting until 1-2 days later. Hoping for the best!
Seth did ok on his potty training yesterday. We were thrown off by me being gone all morning, but he did pee for mom a few times in the potty. And a few times last night. It is just so hard because he doesn't drink a lot. I keep handing him drinks, but he just sips and doesn't chug like Ethan, who pees his weight every day.

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