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Next stop China
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Application Is Filled Out!

Happy news!
I got up early this morning, like 5:30 am early, with Aaron, so that I could fill out our application to adopt before the kids woke up.
Yes, you read right, we are starting the adoption process again. I am excited.
I have everything except a recent picture of all of us together. I know some were taken over Christmas, but I guess it was with everyone else's cameras but ours. So, hopefully I will remember to take our camera to church tonight and have somone snap a picture of all of us together, stop and print out a copy and then the application will be on its way.
Right now, we are planning on a baby girl, which is what we originally were planning to adopt when we started in 2007.  Of course I say "planning" because, who knows if God will steer us in the other direction in the next few months.  We "planned" on asking for a boy and a girl last time, up until a day or so before turning in our paperwork. Then we ended up changing to 2 children either gender and you see we got the boys.  So hard to choose the gender of your child. So very hard.  But like last time, there are more people on the waiting list for girls, so most likely, if we put either gender, we would end up with a boy.  So if we want a girl, we really have to put down girl.
I am hoping that by Spring of 2014 we will either have been to court, or maybe even picked up our little girl. Of course, with international adoption, time lines can speed up or slow down at any time. 
This adoption we will have to fund raise. I don't see any way around it, so I am researching and tossing around ideas with Aaron.
Oh what a wonderful thing to have most of the adoption paid for and not have to come home, adjust to a new family member, 6 kids, AND have to work extra to pay off adoption loans.

Also, Aaron and I signed up to go to the Orphan Summit 9.
It is close this year, in Nashville, and since it changes locations every year, I knew that if I didn't sign up, I would be disappointed for missing one so near to us.  Imagine going to a conference where people love orphans the way you do. Where Christians unite for the purpose of orphan care and support.  I can't wait!

I also started following a blog of some people that run an orphanage in Kenya.  The same religion as we are. I was so excited. We have also been emailing back and forth and  it was exciting to encourage someone who is doing what I always wanted to do.   They are from a church a few hours away from here and they attend with a lot of people that I grew up with.  Neat!

Our social worker is coming over Feb. 22.  She said it will probably take 2 visits to get our homestudy done, so I am hoping that we will have that done by the end of March.  Once our application is accepted, we will get a "client" page with our agency and then we can pull up all of the documents needed to complete our mound of paperwork, called the dossier.  Once the dossier is complete along with our homestudy, we will send it to our agency and officially be on the waiting list.
Stay tuned for updates!

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