Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Friday, April 17, 2015

3/4 Home Study Done

Tuesday we had our 3rd home study meeting.  Our last one is April 28th.  We will be meeting in Birmingham, going over the rough draft of the home study, turning in the rest of our paperwork and then our social worker will make the polished draft and we will hopefully have it in hand the first week in May.
Let the fun begin once we get our home study in hand.  Once we have the completed home study, we will start applying for grants.  Will we get any?  I sure hope so.  We are still thinking of other fundraising ideas and will hopefully have another fund raiser soon.
In between now and our last social worker visit, we all need to get to the doctor to have our medical paperwork filled out for both the home study and our China dossier.
Our Tuesday home study included the interview with the kids.  Some funny answers from the kids...
     Social worker "tell me what your daddy is like"  Seth "he is scary in the hallways"   So I had to explain the new game Aaron has taught the boys of hiding behind corners and jumping out and scaring the person coming down the hall.
    Social worker "what is one thing you would change about your family?"
    "our van, I hate our van" Said by an anonymous teenager.  Who knew our van wasn't cool?
    "not getting in trouble"  said by Ethan
     Social worker "what are you going to do with your new sister?"
     Ethan "read with her"
Ordered our birth certificates and marriage certificates  this week $62.  For some reason, they have to be issued within the last few months. I had copies I had ordered a few years ago, of course they weren't current enough.
I am also going to work on our adoption education this next few weeks.  Including a trip to the International Adoption Clinic in August for their next seminar that we are required to attend.  another $150.  So things are adding up. Some times it gets a little overwhelming and my chest gets a little tight, but then I know that God sent us on this journey and He is walking with us.

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