Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Medical Visits

Have mine and Aaron's doctors appointments next week. I called today and asked if there was a notary at the office that would be willing to notarize our doctor's notes for the adoption. For the homestudy, we have to have all of our "vitals" filled out and signed by the doctor. For the Ethiopian dossier, we have to have the doctor type a letter on the doctor's office stationary and have it notarized and signed. The letter will say that we are medically fit to raise a child and we have no communicable diseases that the child could catch.
On another note, I worked 54 hours last week. I was so excited to get overtime. I never get overtime. I worked 12 hrs. Monday, 8hrs Tues, 9 hrs. Wed. 1 hr class on Thur. 12 Hrs Fri and 12 hrs. Sat. I was tired. But the paycheck will be worth it.

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