Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Medical Done!

Yesterday, both Aaron and I had our doctor appointments to get our paperwork done for the adoption. We got both the homestudy paperwork done and the Ethiopian dossier paperwork done. Today I am mailing our homestudy papers to the pediatrician to have him fill out for the girls for the 2nd or 3rd time. They have been so nice to help.
I am getting very excited that we will hopefully be able to send in our $250 application fee and go ahead and apply for USCIS which will be around $800. There are many variables to that though.
My work for one thing. It is either feast or famine. Two weeks ago, I worked 54 hours and was exhausted, but excited for the big paycheck. Last week I worked 36 hours of the 40 I was scheduled. (they sent me home early one day). This week, I am scheduled 40 hours and I have worked the big ZERO. As I was filling out my calendar for the next schedule going from the end of July to the mid of August, I added a few more days to make up for the lack of days this week. I still have 16 hours scheduled and doubt I will get any in. The census is that low in the hospital that they are even calling off the fulltime people because they don't need them. I am PRN, or as needed, so people in overtime are cancelled first, PRN second and fulltime last.
However, I feel that we are getting closer to our baby girl #4. I hope it is soon!
Planning on starting our school year July 19th. I am getting curriculum ready and ordering what I need. I want to start when it is too hot to play then we can take some time off for a cool October vacation. Hopefully some cheap hiking in the Smokys.

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