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Next stop China
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Agreement Sent

Today I finally was able to mail our adoption agreement to our agency. One step closer. I had some pages that needed to be notarized and trying to coordinate with a notary is not fun or easy. Aaron finally had the best idea. And to think it had been staring at us every time we go to the chiropractor. The office manager is a notary. They have notarized letters from patients all over the walls in the hallway. See, I have a lady at work who agreed to notarize all of our adoption papers, but she leaves work before Aaron gets off work. Trying to get someone to bring their stamp to church doesn't always pan out either. Banks also close before Aaron gets off work. Yet our chiropractor, open until 6.
Let me make a suggestion for anyone out there thinking of adopting... Find a good friend, pay for them to become a notary, and then you will have someone at your disposal to help with all the paperwork. I am doing this if we adopt again.
Aaron wants to wait until we save up the approx $6000 in beginning agency fees before sending in our dossier. I believe he fears getting a referral and having to borrow the entire $30,000. At least this way we will have some of it paid in cash. I am hoping we will have that amount by the end of October. Our dossier is not completely finished. I am still waiting for about 4-5 documents from our social worker, who was out of town last week. Then I have a couple of things to get notarized, county stamped and state sealed, and a couple of pictures to take, and I think we will be ready to get on the waiting list. I wish we had the money now. It is so close...

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