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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Busiest Time of the Year

Soccer season has started. Now, I love soccer. I played for 9 years and I love that my girls are now playing. But it is so busy. This is the first year that Hannah gets to play. So, now we have 3 different kids in 2 different age groups this year. That means trying to make sure everyone gets to practice at different places/times. I don't know what I will do tonight. Aaron is probably going to be working until 7 on a fire. He didn't get home until 1030pm last night and had to be back to work 30 min. away at 7am this morning. Madelyn has a practice game at 4 at the Rec Center. Natalie has practice at 530 at the Rec Center, but Hannah also has practice at 530 at the Elem. School a few miles away. Hmm. Aaron will be at work, Mom is out of town. I guess I will figure something out.
We have practice Mon, Tue, and Thur. Probably starting next week, we will have multiple games 3 days a week. It is not too horrible for us. I feel sorry for people whose kids leave for school all day, then have games at night, plus homework.
The wild hog that came to our house every night for about 3 weeks disappeared the day that Aaron brought a rifle home. How convenient for the hog. Almost like someone told him it was no longer safe at our house.
However, he must be getting cocky again because after having a rifle for over 2 weeks, he's back. When I pulled in our driveway in the pitch dark last night, our dogs were right there. Normally they are at the house, I looked to the left and saw the huge outline of something moving. Sure enough it was the pig running away and across the road. What luck, the night the hog comes back, Aaron works til 1030. Perhaps he will start coming back and we'll get us a hog after all.
Took the last of our paperwork to church last night to get notarized, but she forgot the notary stamp and I told her not to worry, Aaron wasn't there anyway. She lives close to the soccer fields, and we were going to go there after practice, but Aaron won't be coming to practice. ugh. I hate waiting.

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