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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaron

Today is Aaron's birthday. I was going to make him a good supper. Grilled chicken with something good on the side. However, when I got home this afternoon from walking at the park and other errands, I looked in the freezer and found out that we don't have any chicken. Too late to go to the store, since it is 15 min away. I did find a box of red beans and rice. Well, maybe he will forgive me, since we did make an oreo pie this morning and should be well frozen when he gets here in 20 min.
I have decided to wake up early and make breakfast for Aaron and make the kids get up and eat with us. Normally, we 4 girls just sleep til we wake up, usually around 7 and then start our day then. I decided to at least try it for a week, since I am not signing up for 7-11 shifts regularly. Monday was rough, the girls complained all day about how tired they were. By the way, getting up and eating with Aaron means waking the girls around 5:45am. So, then Tuesday, I got up, but decided to let the girls sleep, I ended up going back to bed after Aaron left. (up late looking chasing a wild hog with the Montero - that's another story). So Tuesday, the girls complained that they didn't get to eat with Daddy, so it was up again for all of us today.
We are taking an especially long holiday weekend from school. I am working all of it, but Sunday.
Wild Hogs. We have a very punctual wild hog that lives on our property. Every night now, between 9-10pm, for over two weeks, he shows up to munch on our pears that have fallen from the tree. Hopefully, if we can get him, he will be coming to our supper and breakfast table soon.
Aaron went out behind the house yesterday (in the woods) and saw a sow and 10 piglets. These aren't sweet pink little things. These are agressive, ugly, hairy little piglets with teeth like a possum. But they taste like the sweet pink pigs. Aaron killed one this spring. Our Basset Hound Copper got it cornered and away from its family and Aaron was able to get it. Aaron said that Copper would pin down the pig, then let it go, when he let it go, instead of running away, it would come back and charge the dog which was much, much larger.

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