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Next stop China
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Exciting Package

We recieved an exciting package from our adoption agency yesterday. There is a certain amount of "Education" required for our adoption, so we recieved a bunch of books, plus some questions about the books. That is not as exciting, but there were also 2 stuffed monkeys for the babies and two little t shirts saying "special delivery from Ethiopia" Very cute and is exciting because I might actually let myself believe that this adoption will go through. Still a little skeptical and guarded, but perhaps it will happen.
Next month I start teaching the Sunday night K-6th grade class about orphans. The theme verse is James 1:27 and the last few months, one of the ladies from church has been teaching about widows and each child has adopted a widow from church. That has been exciting for the girls, seeing how they think about their widow all the time. I am not sure how I will approach teaching this class, but hopefully I will do a good job. I need to start praying about what to say and do.
We have 4 puppies left from our neighbors. I am supposed to meet someone from our homeschool coop tomorrow afternoon to get rid of one and another is going to a family member. That will leave us with 2. There is one I really want to keep. It is so tiny, the girls call it Teeny Weeny. I will try to post pictures sometime. The other is looks like a lab, is a girl and is real sedate. I will take her back to school Friday if I don't find a home before then and maybe someone will take her.
Hopefully this week we will have our entire dossier complete, then I can make copies and send a copy to our agency to go over and approve. Once that is approved and they make sure there are no mistakes, I will sit it on our dresser until we have $6000 in the bank. Hopefully by the week of Thanksgiving. I wish I could work 12 hours every day until I get that money in the bank. However, I have other responsibilities (like schooling the girls) and that means I don't get to work very many days a week. Normally just Saturdays.
Soccer will be over the first week in November unless we have lots of make up rain games. We have already missed 4 games due to rain and it is supposed to rain M-W of this week. Once Soccer is over, I might be able to work some in the afternoons or evenings.
I just finished Halloween costumes for the girls tonight. I think I spent a total of $27 on all three. That is a good deal. Normally when I buy premade, it costs $20 a kid. Madelyn and Hannah are going as Greek women. Natalie is going as an Egyptian. I will post some pictures after we get them all dressed up next Sunday.

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