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Next stop China
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paperwork back and soccer marathon

Great news! I got back our state certification paperwork for our dossier today. Aaron texted me and let me know that his boss also gave him back his employment letter today too. Which means the only thing we have left for our dossier is 2 passport size photos of Aaron and I. I think I used up all of our passport photos last time, so we will have to get some pictures made or just take some pictures and print them out to size at Walmart.
I will try to get it copied and a copy of our dossier sent to our agency to look over by next week, that way if there are any changes that need to be made, I can work on that. We are inching closer. I can't wait to have our babies home!
Today has been real busy. This morning, all the girls had their yearly checkup and flu mist. Hannah also got her 2nd chicken pox shot. I hope that we did not come home with more bacteria and viruses than we went in with. I try to get the first appointments of the morning, hoping that someone cleaned the office in the night. I look like a germaphobe with my handsanitizer and constantly making the kids wash every time they touch a chair. But I have been burned one too many times, taking well kids to the doctor and ending up with either a viral fever or stomach virus within a week.
Tonight was so busy too. Hannah had soccer pictures at 4pm, Madelyn at 4:30, Natalie at 5pm. Hannah's soccer game started at 5pm and ended at 5:45. Madelyn's soccer game started on a different field at 5:30 and ended at 6:20, Natalie's game started at 6 on the same field that Hannah played on and ended at 6:40. And to top it all off, Aaron had to work tonight. So, we were at the fields from 4-645 and then went straight to the last 45 min. of the kick-off Girl Scout meeting. I got to watch all of Hannah's game - she scored! Then went and watched the last half of Madelyn's game,then back to Natalie's last half of her game.

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