Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am very close to having our dossier done. Yesterday I had our two papers that have to be State notarized, county notarized at the courthouse. Today, I will mail those off to Montgomery to be State notarized and they should be back before the end of next week. Aaron has to get his employment letter done, which he has ready to give to his boss today, so hopefully his boss will get it done by next week too. Then we will make 4 copies and then wait until next month to mail it in. We should have the agency fee money by the week of Thanksgiving. So there is another thing we can be thankful for.
I can't wait to get on the waiting list. At that point, I think I can breathe a sigh of relief and know that I can relax and leave it in God's hands for a while. I know it is in His hands now, but I still have to work at paperwork or it won't get done.
I have to put a plug in for I saw this a while back on a friends blog and looked it up at the time. Being stingy with money, I decided to make my own menus. Anyway, that hasn't worked so well. I either forget to put an ingredient on the list or overlook it at the store and here I have a menu with one ingredient missing from each meal. So, I took the plunge last week and signed up and I am very pleased. So far, the last two weeks there has been a shrimp meal, which I have changed, since only Aaron and Natalie eat shrimp. I have cooked 5 meals so far from the recipe list and I have enjoyed all 5. Aaron liked all but one, which he deemed "edible" (He hates vege soup-so he started out bias) The recipes are not things which I would have picked out, but I am so glad to be trying new things. We normally have the same things over and over. Plus, it prints out a list of all ingredients needed, beside that is which meal they go with, so if you do want to eliminate meal number 3, you look at the meal number column and it is easy to cross those ingredients off your list. Then you just add breakfast food and lunches to your list and easy as that.
Our closest neighbor is about 1/10 mile down the road passed away a few months ago. Our next nearest neighbor is probably at least 1/2 mile away. Well, he had a bunch of dogs, probably 10 or so. His daughter comes up and feeds them. Anyway, a beagle that was dropped off there a while back had puppies. I asked the daughter if I could catch them and take them to our home school coop and give them away. They are soooo cute. I love puppies. I have caught 5 and they have been living at our house all week, awaiting school tomorrow. I hope I can manage to get rid of them. Because with 5 more dogs over there, there are no telling how many more we will have in a year.

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