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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Corrections not so bad - I hope

Well, after looking at the corrections and our original dossier, I am hoping to get done real soon. #1 left a date off one paper - easily fixed
#2 forgot to mail in a copy of my birth certificate with the copies of dossier -easily fixed
#3 one of the papers from our social worker that she got from the state was not signed. Thought I was going to have to talk to the state about that, but after closer inspection, realized that the papers were signed, but they had been scanned into the computer by social worker, then sent to us, then printed off by me and you can't see the signature anymore, except for a few tiny strokes that came through. So, I think she will be able to make a copy and mail it and it will hopefully show up on copies. - should just be the wait to get in the mail
#4 One notary left off some wording, but I don't think it is required in this state.
#5 Was supposed to put 2 of the same picture on certain page, not one. - easily fixed

Because of the corrections and the dates of some of them, I will have to get the state seal done again, which will require getting our checklist renotarized with a new date, then I will have to take it to the courthouse to be county certified, then sent to the state to be state certified. So, it will probably be Tuesday before all of this is mailed and Friday or Saturday before it gets back and then I will make copies and immediately send it off to our agency again and then we will officially be on the waiting list - yippee.
If I can get a notary at church to notarize our papers tomorrow, then I could get them county certified on Monday morn and sent off by that afternoon.
I have had a sore throat since Thur. night. Felt horrible yesterday and I have woke up feeling better all over, but worse in throat today. Aaron had it earlier in the week and it went away on it's own. Hopefully mine will too.

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