Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Got word back on our dossier yesterday. There were 4-5 corrections that needed to be made. A couple very easy, the others involve other people. Unfortunatley, I won't be able to try to fix them at least until tomorrow since today is a holiday and most places I need to speak with will be closed.
I was a little disappointed when I read the email last night. I am so tired of doing paperwork and was happy to have it done for a while. Oh well.
Aaron is off today and the girls suprised us with breakfast in bed. cinnamon toast and coke. It was sweet of them. Now Aaron is working on a garbage can holder that will have lids so that the possums, dogs, racoons, cats and whatever else will stop climbing into our garbage and spreading it down the road.
The girls and I are going to get a day of school in, then we are off to a wedding 2 hours away tonight, so we will be home at bedtime.

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