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Next stop China
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Please pray, Aaron and I are trying to make a major decision about our adoption. Nothing bad, just wondering what God wants us to choose. It is so much easier when you get pregnant, you have no choice as to if you have a boy or a girl, it is in God's hands. However, with adopting, you do have to choose and it is soooo hard to know what God wants.
So many things that I thought were correct have been wrong in this adoption. #1 I thought our child was in Guatemala. Wrong. # 2 I thought our child was surely in Vietnam. Wrong.
I was positive that God wanted us to get a girl. Aaron thought so too. Is that another thing I mistakenly thought? Is God wanting me to go on my belief that He wanted us to get a girl these 3 1/2 years since starting this journey? Or is God wanting me to follow His lead and change if he tells us too?
Is God telling us to change or is this a temptation to change and see if we will stick with the original plan. So much of the original plan has been wrong.
This is too much pressure on us mere humans to decide.
Let me just say our choices... (we are still planning on 2 infants)
#1 Put down that we want a girl and a boy or a girl and a girl. If we do this, then we will wait 6 months or so for a girl referral. Since there is a waiting list for girls and boy referrals usually come within a matter of weeks. So you would wait for a girl was available then add the next available boy to that. Our children would be home around next fall.
#2 Put down that we want 2 boys. If we do this, we would probably have our referrals within a month or less. Our children would probably be home by March.
#3 Put down 2 infants doesn't matter. Well, this would be like letting God choose, but we know that this choice is almost the same as picking 2 boys because we know that there is no one waiting right now for boys and at least 7 families waiting for girls. So we would get the 2 next available referrals, which would be boys.

What to do, what to do???????? I have been praying earnestly for the last few days. I don't want to choose wrong. This decision completely alters the adopted children's lives, our lives, etc. I want the children that God wants in our home. I don't want to mess that up. I guess I just pray that we don't mess it up and for God to intercede to get the children He wants in our home.

By the way, the reason that this is all come to pass... our dossier is finished. 2 copies sitting in envelopes, waiting to be mailed to our agency. waiting to put us on a waiting list, which happens as soon as they approve your dossier. We have to decide before we send it in.

Also, I don't care what we get, I really don't. I see good in either choice. Aaron is about the same too.
MONEY. We need money. Can we trust enough that God will see to that also if we fast forward and choose boys? This will be $30,000+ since we are getting two. Will anyone help? I know we can't make that much before then.

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