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Monday, June 27, 2011

I had a wish...

This past week, I have looked at our budget and our debt snowball and yikes! We owe a lot of money. Three days last week, Aaron came home with a box of size 3 diapers. Ethan wears size 3 and I hope he stays in them a long time because I have a lot of them.

The minimum payment each month on all of our loans for our adoptions is over $100 more than our house payment. OUCH!!

When Aaron would bring in diapers from coworkers, I would secretly think about how it would help so much if we could have diapers, formula, baby food, and wipes to last us this next year until our tax return comes in.

We have gotten enough baby clothes that I haven't had to buy any since I went to a thrift store before our court date in March. And I don't think I will have to buy any for a very long time. And I am blessed to have a 2 year old nephew who now hands down all of his clothes to our boys.

I know we will make it this next year, but things will be real tight!

Back to my wishing for a years' worth of baby necessities....

I got back from town today and had a message from someone at church. Back in April, a ton of stuff had been donated to our church. The church had saved it all in one of those PODS. Well, apparently, they had a ton of stuff left over and needed the POD cleaned out. The elders decided that we would be welcome to as much of the baby stuff as we could use. I was so excited. I emailed Aaron at work to let him know.

I was planning on taking the kids to VBS by myself, but they wanted us to get the stuff tonight, so Aaron drove a separate vehicle. There was so much leftovers that we put the back seat down in the Montero and filled it up, plus we put some stuff in the back of the van. There were so many boxes of wipes, diapers, baby food, formula, that we had to take a bunch over to Mom's to store because our house is packed tight with people!

I seriously doubt if I will need to buy another can of baby food. we got over 300 jars.

I doubt I will use all of the size 3 diapers before Ethan outgrows them.

I guess I won't have to buy formula for months either. Ethan will only be on formula for 5 more months!

Also, wipes, won't be buyng those for a long time either.

I don't think I will need diapers for Seth for months.

Thank You God for answering a prayer that I thought was so "out there" that I didn't even consider praying it!!!!!!!

I am still in disbelief that just last week I was wishing for this very thing. The above pictures are about 1/10 of the stuff we got.

I LOVE the song "Great is Thy Faithfulness" But noone ever leads it at our church. I am sure I could put in a request, but it isn't the same. So, I was telling God when I first got home with the boys, that I would love to hear that song and please prompt the songleader to sing it...

Well, I have been home 3 weeks now and I still haven't heard that song.

Instead of singing the song for me, God SHOWED the song to me!

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