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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend recap

Friday, I got a call from Michael saying that he was bringing the girls home. They weren't supposed to leave until Saturday, but decided to go home a day early. That was around lunchtime and I expected to meet them at the interstate around supper.
Last month, while I was in Ethiopia, I got a card in the mail from my chiropractor office, saying that I had won the monthly massage giveaway. So what better way to celebrate my birthday.
I went for my 30 min. massage and it was so nice.
As soon as I was finished, I called Aaron and let him know I was done and he said Michael had just called. So I picked up Mom and we drove 30 min. to the interstate to meet the girls. I was so happy to see them. They were disappointed that the boys weren't with us, but they were home with Aaron and Ethan was already in bed. I ordered pizza from Pizza hut in our town. We got there (30 min. later) and they lady working there said "you know you are 20 min. early don't you?" I thought the lady on the phone had said 15 min., but apparently, she had said 50 min. Oh well, we drove to CVS and I did 15 min. of shopping with Hannah while Mom, Madelyn and Natalie sat in the car, then drove back to Pizza Hut to be told that our pizza was "just coming out of the oven" And she would bring it out to us if we would pull over. 15 min. later, no pizza, but there were about 5 other cars waiting for pizza too. Mom offered to go in and get it, since the lady working the drivethrough was also the one bringing pizzas to the cars, we figured it might go faster if we didn't have to wait for her break in the drivethrough. Sure enough, took Mom about 2 min. and they gave us free cinammon sticks for the wait.
We got home and Seth had been asleep in the recliner for 10 min. He promptly woke up and was very happy to see the girls and stayed up another hour.
Aaron and I stayed up late watching 17 Again, which is a cute movie. Then Ethan woke us up real early. I went back to bed until 9 am . Then got up and began cleaning the house. My brother Eric was closeby for work with his family and he was planning on coming over. I found out later, he was coming over in the afternoon, I misunderstood and thought he said morning.
Aaron and Seth took an afternoon nap and Eric brought his boys over. They had fund playing with their cousins. It was good to see them.
I took the girls and Seth over to Mom's for showers and Aaron kept Ethan home with him, since he had a bath the day before. While the girls showered, I went to the grocery for a quick trip. Left the groceries in the car, took a quick 2 min. shower, then we all went home and went to bed.
We got to class this morning at church and found out that the boys' teacher wasn't going to be there. So Aaron and I just sat in the baby class with Seth and Ethan. There were no other kids in that class today. This morning in services the boys were so good. Mom held Ethan and he ended up sleeping 1/2 the service. Seth was a little squirmy, but he was good, didn't make too much noise.
Then tonight, I was afraid they wouldn't be good because the girls have classes to go to. I was so shocked. I had to wrestle Ethan the entire time because he is sooooo squirmy. Other than that, he was pleasant and smiley. Aaron held Seth and he was so quiet and sweet. He looked at books and barely made a peep.

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