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Next stop China
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Looking for houses

Been fighting a cold since Tuesday. I was completely stopped up, but now I am to the really sore throat, dry cough, weak phase. Hopefully tomorrow will be the completely better phase.
We have been searching for houses.
I think we have come to the conclusion that in order for us to get a BIG house for our BIG family, at a price we can afford, we will probably have to buy a foreclosure. Which is not a bad idea. We have looked at a few this past 2 weeks.
It is hard to go from 24 acres and almost complete seclusion to looking at houses without much land or seclusion.
We did make an offer on a house on Thursday. It is a foreclosure and it is huge! I think the chances of us getting it are about 5%. Not much.
But I know that if God wants us in this house, anything is possible. I also would have thought it impossible to sell a house with no water, yet we did.
And I pray all the time, God you know we need space and you know we need cheap.
If we get the house I will divulge what a bargain we got it for, but right now, I don't have much hope we will get it.
Actually, our realtor told us Thursday that she thought we had a 100% chance of being rejected. Ha!
She has so little confidence they will accept the offer, she was going to show us more houses that afternoon.
She said it would take a day or two to hear back from the bank. So I assume we will hear something tomorrow.

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