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Next stop China
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still House Hunting

Finally, yesterday we found out that we did not get the house we made an offer on. Took them long enough. However, another foreclosure came open yesterday afternoon. We went and looked at it and loved it. We made an offer on it this morning.
Our realtor thought we would know something by this afternoon. However, at 5pm, she called and said that the bank was working on a counter offer and we would know something in the morning. So we will see.
This morning was bad. I was trying to work on paperwork for the realtor. I had asked the girls to watch the boys so I could get it done. Seth was on the little potty in the living room and Ethan was screaming and I kept hearing doors slam.
So I go look and the girls had all gone into their bedroom, closing Ethan and Seth out when they were supposed to be watching them.
I was about to come apart. I called Mom to complain. She had a doctor's appt this morning, so she called me back when she was done and offered to let me bring the kids over and have some time alone.
She also wanted to treat me to a pedicure.
So nice.
So I brought the kids over and went to the mall to go shopping. I think I have 3 short sleeve shirts that are not stained that I rotate wearing to church and these are getting old. Plus it was time for my twice annual shopping trip. I got a few things.
Then instead of a pedicure, I went to Walmart in town and got a hair cut. I like it.
More on the new house tomorrow hopefully.

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