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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still waiting on the bank...

Well, it is Thursday night and we are still waiting to see if the bank is going to accept the offer we made Wednesday morning. So frustrating.
Our realtor told us Wednesday that since it is a local bank, we should hear by the afternoon. That was yesterday morning. Then we got the news at 5pm last night, that one of the people that has to make the decision was out all day yesterday, so they would have us a counter offer asap this am. So I anxiously have been waiting all day to hear.
Finally at lunchtime, I texted our realtor "Are they trying to kill me with anticipation?" She texted back "I know, me too"
Then I texted her at 5 pm to ask if she had any updates. She finally texted me back a few hours later and said that we will hopefully hear tomorrow and that no one else had made an offer. That is good news.
What I worry about is if they don't accept our offer and then counter offer and we don't accept that offer and we make another offer, if we go with the history of how long it takes this bank to make a decision it will be way into next week. I just worry that someone else will come along and offer a lot more than us and poof, it's gone.
Of course, praying that if we are meant to be at this house, God will work it out and if not, that I will not be too disappointed.
I had been working on a grocery list today and was hoping to wait a few more days to go. But Aaron came home and said he was completely out of food for his lunches. So I decided to just go get it all. I called Mom to see if she wanted to ride with me to Aldi which is 20+ min. away. Aldi is so much cheaper than other stores, but it is far away. And they don't always have stuff I need... like rice milk etc. But if I have a list where Aldi should have it all, then I try to go there.
Mom came over and I told Aaron I would take one of the boys. He chose Seth to go with us. Seth was so good. I told Aaron "other than naming everything in the store, he did real well" He loves to ride in the cart. He seemed to enjoy it. He really is so sweet.
When he gets in trouble, he will come up to me, without prompting and say "sorry Mama " and hugs my leg.
Our cat Cotton has been hugely pregnant for a while now. I knew she was going to drop some babies soon. She is so lazy anyway. The other day Aaron came in and said she was sleeping standing up. And then he complained that she makes no effort to get out of your way if she is lying on the steps and you are trying to get in.
Well, yesterday and then today, she walked into the house. She has not done that at this new house. Today she walked in and started to go behind some boxes. I threw her out, thinking she might have been looking for a place for her kittens.
Then she stood at the door, meowing at us. So I went out and fixed a box. She jumped right in and had the first kitten less than 30 min. later.
Total of 4 and I can't believe that she didn't have more. I think this is the biggest I have ever seen her.

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