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Next stop China
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Murphy" moved into our extra bedroom.

Let's begin with closing...
April 30th, closed on our new house  Happy times!
May 3rd and 4th... Aaron's parents came down to see the new house and help us move in.

May 5th. Saturday. Aaron leaves at 6am for FL for another fire detail. Will be gone 16 days.
Around 3pm realized that even after turning our fridge on high, it was just not getting our  food as cold as usual.  The freezer part of our fridge had died a month or so before. 
Go to Lowes with 5 kids in tow to look at fridges and realize once I get there, that dummy me forgot to measure to see what size fridge we could handle.
Almost cry at Lowes, decide to just go get pizza for supper and go home. 
After supper, Hannah comes downstairs and says "Mom, the ceiling in the boys' room is on the floor!"
So I run upstairs, and sure enough, a 4ftx4ft hole in the ceiling, water dripping from a pipe in the ceiling, soaking wet insulation everywhere.  I got our elderly neighbor, who happens to be a retired plumber/electrician, etc to come over and see what happened. He figured out that the AC duct that was held up by tape, finally fell and broke the pvc pipe that was to collect the condensation from the AC and channel it outside had broken.  So I turned the AC off upstairs and cleaned up most of the mess. Tried to soak the water out of the new carpets and turned a fan on it.

Thankfully, our wonderful neighbor said he could get it fixed before Aaron gets home.  Here are some after pictures. He put in two access holes that weren't there before so we can look at that area without having to crawl from the other end of the attic. He also put the texture back on the ceiling.
May 8th Tuesday  Came home from work.  Was standing in the kitchen and realized that I was standing in water.  Water from our kitchen sink, which was draining incredibly slowly, had somehow gotten into our dishwasher, which we have never used, and leaked out on the floor. 
Cleaned up the mess and tell Mom not to wash dishes tomorrow and  not use the kitchen sink.
Started a new job on and had to go to orientation Monday through Friday of this week.
May 15 Tuesday...
Gave the boys a bath in the morning.  Realized 20 min. after taking out the bathtub drain that the tub had more water in it, not less.  And the toilet was bubbling.  Called Mr. Rooter.  The diagnosis of this problem took 48 hours and 3 trips to our house.  Finally on Thursday afternoon, after our wonderful neighbor rented a huge saw and cut chunks of cement our of our sidewalk to find the pipe leaving the house...we realized that #1 the pipe runs diagnally under our sidewalk #2 it is full of roots and has to be replaced asap #3 our septic tank is also full and has to be drained. here are some pictures of that miserable 48 hours.

Our neighbor wants to check on our AC downstairs on Friday.  May 18.  So he goes down and notices that there is about 1 inch of water pooled in a section of our basement. He thinks that it is the hot water heater, but I figure out that it is this thing connected to the AC that collects condensation and then shoots it outside through a tube.  I only figured it out because it was barely leaking before Aaron left town and he had a replacement that we were going to pay a friend to replace for us.  So yesterday I was downstairs with a snow shovel and wheelbarrow scooping up water.  Thankfully, our great neighbor got it fixed also.
Didn't think to get pictures of that.
Also, the sink in the girls bathroom wont turn on and the toilet won't stop running, but that can wait. 
So, Monday our front yard will be churned up and a wreck from the backhoe.
And this house that we thought was movein ready two weeks ago has already cost us an extra $3300.
Did I mention that my husband has been out of town this whole time and as I am typing this, still does not know about the hole in the ceiling... i wanted to spare him the worry while he was gone. Add to that the new job last week. 
Still have a lot of stuff to move in our rental house...
At least someone at our house doesn't have a care in the world,
Then I woke up this morning and looked outside.  And there was some type of creature lying on our sidewalk.  I went out to inspect and it was a dead chicken.  I didn't realize that there were even chickens around here.  And I really have trouble believing that our dog killed it since she is the biggest wimp ever.  She is scared of puppies and kittens.
Kids are enjoying the sidewalk. Unfortunately it will be a pile of rubble on Monday.

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