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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Closed On Our House!

So, we have had our closing scheduled for the 30th for a few weeks. We waited until then because Aaron was getting his big paycheck from the fire he went on a few weeks ago and we knew we would have enough for the down payment and all other fees at that point.
Friday afternoon around 3, the lawyer calls and says that he wanted to make sure we knew about this indemity bond? I think that is what he called it.
Anyway, this is how I understood it. We bought a foreclosure.  We are borrowing about $10,000 more than what the previous owner owed on the property. Because of that we needed this bond.  Too confusing to explain more.  The main point is that this bond was going to cost us an additional $1600 at closing!  What!!!??
So our realtor spent all weekend working with the selling bank and we finally came up with a deal. But what a wrench in the plans. And we still had to pay half.
I took all 5 kids to the bank last week to get our bank statement printed out and stamped for our loan.  Well after 15 min. of sitting there with a loan officer that didn't understand her printer and probably printed out about 10 copies of various things, we finally left.
I took it home, scanned it to the mortgage company, and it wasn't good enough.  Plus we needed to wait until Monday so Aaron's last paycheck would show up.
So I took all the kids again yesterday, worked with a different lady and she printed up our bank statement many different ways, but for some reason, because Aaron's paycheck hadn't been in there long, and it was still pending, her computer would not print the one part we needed...Aaron's last check.  UGH!  She did print me a page showing our total balance which was enough to cover closing. I emailed it to the mortgage company....Still not enough.
By this time it was around noon and we were closing in 3 hours.. I had been to the bank twice and I really doubted that this bank would give me anything different the 3rd time.
On a side note, while waiting in line for my cashiers' check the teller at the drive thru asked the customer in the car if she had a nickel because she didn't have change! the bank doesn't have a nickel change? I thought that was funny.
Finally, I printed off my account page from my computer (why cant the bank pull up the same thing I can, I don't know) and was going to drive it to the bank and get them to sign it.  We also printed off Aaron's pay stub.  Emailed both of these things to the mortgage company and they finally said that would due.
Mom watched all the kids, so Aaron and I put the seats down in the Montero and filled it with boxes since we were planning on going straight to the house.  Unloaded that, came home, took the boys to Mom's to spend the night and filled up the jeep, borrowed trailer, and the van with boxes and took another load. 
This morning I have to do some more HR stuff at the new hospital I am working at, then back home again and probably packing more.  We will probably rent a UHaul Friday and finish it all off then. 
And this house has 3 bathrooms.  33333333
Not 1 like we have been using for the last 6 months!  No more doing the potty dance in the hallway waiting for someone to get done.
We still have about 2 weeks worth of school left, so we are skipping this week. I guess this will be our Spring break because I think if I tried to do school this week, I would go crazy!  So we will start back next week.  Then be done for a while!!!!

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