Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picture Review of Last Few Weeks

My Aunt Sue came down for over a week and brought us this from Indiana.
We watched it turn into this.
And 10 days later, into this...

Our septic tank was fixed...
Seth was mesmerized by the tractor. 
Madelyn got to babysit.  Just kidding...
Seth's would be transported like this if he still lived in Ethiopia.

Things are settling down a little from all of the house mishaps. 
I am trying to work 3 12 hour shifts a week.  I really like my new hospital.  I was able to get off of orientation early, so as of 3pm yesterday afternoon, I had my own patients and didn't have to work under someone.  There is are still a few computer things I have to ask about, like where to chart something or where to find something, but I think I will be fine.

I dropped Hannah off at a friend's house this morning and picked up her friend's sister plus another friend of the girls. So I have Natalie, Madelyn, two friends and the boys today. They will be going home in about an hour. The good thing about having kids this age is that it is easier to have their friends over because they disappear to the other room and don't need you except when they get hungry.  They have had a great time and I hope to have more play days this summer. 

Can you believe that a year ago today, June 5, 2011, the boys and I landed in Huntsville after a miserabl 36 hours of travel. Well worth it. Of course

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