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Next stop China
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aaron's Home!!!!

I never did post that he was gone because I don't like to publish when my husband is out of town. He left 16 days ago to go to a wildfire in Florida.  So blessed to have him home.  We miss him so much.
Spent a while packing the kitchen today, since we could be moving in less than a week. I really want to move our stuff asap, but I am not sure when we will get the help to move.
When we moved into this rental house, Aaron and I did the ENTIRE thing alone.  UGH!!!! Our couch is sooo heavy.  When we got it from a distant relative, it was so hard to get into our last house that I told Aaron that I refuse to move that beast again.  Well, never say never, he didn't want to ask anyone for help moving and I couldn't just stand there and let him move it all by himself.    I think if I gave him the go ahead, he would get me to help him again. 
When we moved into this house in December, the girls were in TN at Aaron's parents.  Aaron and I got the UHaul at 7am, I helped him load it until 9am, then went and picked up the boys from Mom's because she had to be at work at 1030, Aaron met me with the completely full UHaul at the new house. We put the boys in their high chairs, gave them snacks and proceded to unload the entire UHaul alone. Why do we do this to ourselves?
Anyway, I am getting excited about the move.  A little overwhelmed with other stuff going on, like trying to finish school for the year, me starting a new job in May at a new hospital, moving, Aaron being out of town the last 16 days.  Whew!!!
Tomorrow the plan is to go to the zoo!!!!
We haven't been in forever.  Aaron gets two days off to rest from working 16 days straight.  So, off to the zoo tomorrow then packing and preparing to move on Thursday.

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