Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Blessing Bags

Aaron is going to Ethiopia at the end of this month. One thing he will be doing is handing out "blessing bags".  In each bag is a pair of pants, a long sleeve shirt, socks, and underware for one child.  Many have a small toy thrown in also.   On the outside of the bag, we have written if it is for a boy or girl and the size.  Aaron will be handing them out to street children when he goes.
Our Sunday morning class brought in lots of donations for him to take.  Last night, 5 ladies and I met at Panera for supper.  I have never eaten there before.  Good sandwich,  way to expensive for a sandwich for a miser like me. 
Then we all came back to my house and we packed Blessing Bags.  I am so grateful they came and helped. It was quite overwhelming to me.  All of the many many piles of clothes I had.  I meant to take pictures and forgot.   I loved having everyone over!

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