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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Timing is EVERYTHING in Adoption
Here is a link to a post I wrote the week before we got the boys' referrals. 
It is relevant here.
Small recap on Seth's referral.  He was 12 months old when we got his referral. What we heard at the time of the referral was that earlier he had been referred to another couple along with baby girl.  Before the couple made it to court, his birth mom came and got him and decided to raise him.  The couple received the referral of a different baby boy.  After they went to court for the baby girl and new baby boy, Seth's birth mom realized she wasn't able to take care of him properlly and brought him back to the orphanage. A few days after this couple returned to the states. Sue then was going to let the couple have his referral back, making it 3 babies they would be adopting. We were told that after much thought, they decided that if they adopted again, it would be an older child, knowing it would be easier for Sue to place a baby. I have often thought about this couple, thinking how I would want them to know that I was thankful for their decision. Let them know that Seth was loved.   Now I know how "close" we came to not getting Seth. Of course God was in control all along.  This other couple was in Ethiopia on their embassy trip to pick up the other two children AND were planning to go to court for Seth while they were there.  And while there, God used circumstances to convince them to make the heartwrenching decision to say no to Seth and yes to an older child in the future.
God has given me a wonderful blessing this week!  Our agency director Sue is friends with me on facebook. I happened to comment on one of her posts and then I got a friend request by one of the other women who had commented.  Lo and behold, she emailed me and it was this same woman who had once had Seth's referral.  We have emailed back and forth this week and it has been a wonderful blessing for both of us to look back and see how God manipulated this whole timing situation so that we both got the children in our home that God wanted there.  It is awesome how we are all connected.  I am hoping that soon there will be another connection..  They have been to court to adopt a 9 year old boy in Ethiopia and are now waiting for their embassy date to pick him up.
She is planning to mail  a little package to us for Aaron to take to Ethiopia with him next week so that if he is lucky enough to visit where this boy is staying, Aaron can hand deliver a package from his new Mama!  At least maybe Aaron can get some pictures with him.  Can you see how we are connected????  8000 miles away!  This world seems so huge, but GOD knows each of us!
I am so thankful to know  a little more of Seth's past!

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  1. I got chills reading this! What a wonderful blessing and such a God's hand moment! Praising God with you for this connection and for Seth!