Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Home Study and Fundraising

We had to change our home study dates up a little bit, due to our social worker's schedule.  So, next week, Aaron is driving to B'ham to do his individual interview.  The week after, she will be coming to our house.  Then I will probably schedule my individual interview and finally, we will all meet together by the end of April. I really hope our home study is done by the first week in May.
Hoping to have our fingerprints done for the home study this Saturday.
Once the home study is finished we can apply for USCIS.  That approval normally takes 6-10 weeks to come back and once it is back, we can turn in our paperwork to China.  I am just praying that everything takes the minimum amt of time to process so that we can get our girl home sooner, rather than later.
I think we found one grant that you can apply for while you are working on your home study. The rest of the grants, you have to have a completed home study.  So I am hoping to have all the grant applications filled out and ready so as soon as we get our home study in hand we will send them out.
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