Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Home Study Dates

I am excited that we have heard from our social worker and we have set 2 dates to meet.  Per China requirements, we have to meet 4 times.  So, our first meeting Aaron and I will drive to Birmingham and meet with her.  That meeting is not this coming week, but the week after.  Then the week after that, she agreed to meet again, this time at our house and meet the whole family.
I wish that we could have used our previous social worker. Things would have been SO much faster and easier. But because of multiple factors, we are adopting from a Hague country this time, she works for both a non Hague agency and a Hague agency.  Since we have to use a Hague agency, to use our previous social worker, her Hague agency was going to charge us a ton of money to use her for our home study, even though we weren't using them for the adoption.
In other words, it would have cost us at least an extra $1000 to use our previous social worker.
Crazy!  Because all she would have had to do was update our stuff. Oh well, what can you do?
If you haven't done an adoption, I don't think you could even imagine the huge amounts of paperwork you have to do.  Of course, in the midst of us printing out all our forms, making copies, etc, our printer decides to stop working.
I was scheduled to work 4 days this week, which would have been 8 hours of overtime, since I work 12 hour shifts.  But of course, census was low on Monday, got cancelled.  I got to work all day Tuesday.  I left early Wed, when the census dropped, and then today I got cancelled too.
I'll just be thankful for what hours I get.

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