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Next stop China
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Bit of Irony

I forgot to post about this earlier.
I had mentioned that we were changing home school co-ops and one of the reasons was because the girls hardly got any of their classes that they wanted.  The reason I knew this was because the Co-op had sent out the list of classes that had filled up on Monday (our sign up date was Tuesday morning).  Most of the girls' 1st and 2nd choices were already full. 
Like I mentioned before, I am terrible at making the final decision to stay or leave somewhere. I finally emailed both the new co-op and the old one. 
Less than an hour later, Madelyn got the mail and in it was a letter from our old co-op, with a list of the classes the girls got in.  And come to find out, Madelyn got her first choice in classes, Natalie got her first choice  in classes. Poor Hannah got 3rd choice in all her classes. So that wasn't a good excuse to leave anymore.
However, I had already sent the emails and I feel good about the decision still.  I am glad that I sent the emails before getting the mail though, because I would have really second guessed myself.

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