Next stop China

Next stop China
Next Stop China!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Got my 12 hours in on Friday and Saturday.  The pickings at home for meals were scarce and didn't leave much choice. However, Aaron looked on the bright side and said that it was easier to not have many choices and to just cook the minimal food that was there.  When you see firsthand what other people have to eat just to survive in other countries, you realize you have no right to complain when there is plenty of clean, fresh food you can eat, you just may not get to eat what you want to that day.  Anyway, I had a grocery list that was going to send me to Aldi and Kroger, since there were a few things on my list that are unavailable at Aldi. Like rice milk, kale, and a few other things.
I remembered that Kroger had sent me some coupons in the mail. I dug those out and had a lot of coupons for things that were on my list including free eggs and peanut butter, and other things that were cheaper at Kroger with these coupons they sent. So I ended up going at 8pm last night when I got off work. The girls went with me and we got home about 9. I was feeling pretty good when I left the house, but was feeling pretty awful by the time I got home.  But I survived.
I had a small list for Aldi, so Aaron agreed to drop me and Natalie off on the way home from church, go get gas, then come back and pick us up and go home. This was very hard because we are always starving.  But we all had a cheese stick on the way home to get us by until lunch.
I am proud of myself with our new budget.  I added the food up today, as we put it in the cart, knowing that I had $75 left in our 2 week budget for food.  We even put some items back because I really didn't want to go over.  But, alas, I ended up spending $77 today.
We started this budget almost 4 weeks ago. Our goal is $600 total in groceries every 4 weeks (we really do 2 week budgets, so $300 every 2 weeks)  I ended up spending around $575 on groceries - $270 the first 2 weeks and $305 this past 2 weeks.  That includes paper products, cleaning products, etc.  It can be done! 
The girls are leaving Thursday with Aaron's parents to go to Pigeon Forge.  I know they are going to the Titantic museum. Not sure what else they have planned, but I am sure they will have a great time.  I think I will try to get 3 school days in this week before they go.  We are on day 20 I think.  So we have somewhat of a headstart.  That will give us a  buffer for sickness, me working, vacations, etc.
Think I will go back to bed. I was in bed for a while and couldn't sleep. Now for a 2nd try.

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