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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camping and Co op

The girls went on vacation with Aaron's parents to Pigeon Forge last weekend.
After this was already planned and hotels booked, our class at church decided to go on a camping trip about 3 hours away.  We decided to just take the boys camping and let the girls go on their vacation.
We had a great time. Aaron and I used to camp back when we first got married and lived in the mountains of NC.   We had not camped together since I was pregnant with Madelyn 13 years ago. 
We had a great time.  Pretty cheap vacation.  And now that we have camped with kids, we want to do it again.  It wasn't too bad.
The worst part was that it started raining at 9:30 Sat. night and rained almost all night.  Therefore, all of our stuff was muddy and wet. 
I think that our camping buddies from church also set a record.  Apparently, the campground doesn't have a limit on the number of tents on each campsite and they managed to fit 11 tents on 3 campsites.  We only had 2 on ours.  It was pretty crowded, but soo much fun getting to know everyone.
The boys did wonderful. I guess they were so worn out that they both slept great the first night, all night long.  We had 12 Boy Scouts as neighbors.  Not good.  #1 they took our soccer ball from our camp and we finally got it back the next morning when we saw it at their campsite. #2 they all got up at 6am and were SCREAMING at the playground next to our campsite.  Not just playing, but screaming, constantly. After about 30 min. one of the ladies with them finally told them to be quiet, and of course, they weren't.  BOO to this Boy Scout troop! But even the Boy Scouts didn't wake the boys up.  Then they took a 4 hour nap in the tent on Saturday afternoon. We let them sleep, thinking we would be up late Saturday night.  But then the rain came at 9:30 and everyone went to their tents. Even with the long naps, the boys went to sleep pretty quick.
The worst part was trudging to the bathroom every time the boys needed to go.
At one point, Ethan had hardly drank and Aaron had just taken him 15 min. before.   Well, we were eating lunch with our friends who shared our camping spot.  Ethan and Seth were sitting in their lawn chairs eating (Ethan apparently can't handle sitting at a picnic table with not back, since he fell so much we banned him) So Ethan comes and says he has to pee. Seemed like each time the boys got bored, then all of a sudden they have to pee. So I told him to wait, I would take him later.  Well, a few min. later I look over to Ethan sitting in his chair with a very concentrating look on his face.  I said "Ethan, what are you doing?"   He said "I'm Peeing".  And sure enough, he peed a river.  OOPS.
And the boys also got their first yellow jacket stings.  Ethan got it first right under the eye and started screaming.  Aaron saw him flick the bee away so he knew what had happened. About the time I picked him up, Seth got it on the back of the ear.  So he commenced to screaming. It wasn't funny that they got stung.  The funny part was that Seth's ear swelled up so big it looked like a cartoon ear.  unhuman.  Ethan's eye swelled some, but not near as much as Seth.
We went to our new co op yesterday. I think it went well. I also think as it grows and expands, it will get better.  I will probably write more later, but right now I am wasting dishwashing time.

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