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Next stop China
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

We went to our new Co-op meeting yesterday at one of the member's houses.  It was at 1pm about 40 min. away.  But even at 1pm and the boys missing their naps, they did real well. The house was very big and plenty of space for the 25+ kids to run around and play. There was a play room right next to where we were meeting where I told the boys to stay and they did real well.  Only slept for about 20 min. on the way home, so they got to go to bed at 8pm.  They don't normally stay up much past 8pm, and surprisingly, Ethan wasn't too whiny.  We didn't leave until 4pm and because of rush hour traffic, didn't get home until after 5pm. 
I am terrible to always 2nd guess myself.  I feel confident in this change, however, I don't want to really get into the reasons for it with everyone that asks me. I think this will work out well.  The girls seemed to enjoy playing yesterday.  It is just so hard to leave old friends.  Myself included. I started thinking yesterday of the few moms at our hold Co-op that have adopted, or are fostering and how nice it was to talk with them each Friday. There, I do it again, start 2nd guessing.  Like Aaron said, the decision has been made, go with it.
The girls have struggled with it too.   I reminded them that when we changed churches a few years ago, the girls were upset.  And for a while really missed the old place, but soon enough, they all at some point, made it a point to tell us that they were glad that we changed. 
We only did one day of school this week. I planned to do 4, but Tuesday, I ended up working 7-4.  Yesterday, I really didn't want to rush around before we went to the meeting and today, I think we will enjoy the summer a little and go to the splash pad before it storms this afternoon.  It has rained a lot this summer and that means a lot of inside time.
Seems like it is always time to go to the grocery store.  Ugh!  I might go today, if I can work on my list at the splash pad. I am working 12 hours the next two days, so I can't go then. Then we get into Sundays, which are sooo busy. Aldi is on our way home from church.  About 2 miles from church, about 15 miles from our house, so it takes up all afternoon to drive back after coming home and eating, then back home again, then back to church again.  Perhaps, if I have my list ready, Aaron would be willing to stop on the way home from church. Bad thing is, we are all starving by the time church is over, it would be hard to have to stop at the store.  We'll  see.  We went through 7 boxes of cereal since the last grocery run.

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