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Saturday, July 9, 2011

All 5 kids in the house!

Aaron's parents brought Madelyn and Hannah home last night, so that makes everyone now at home.
Hannah has been running a fever off and on since Thursday night, so that means either Aaron or I will be staying home from church with her tomorrow.
On another note, we went to the International adoption clinic in Birmingham Wed. with the boys. It took 4 hours, but the people there were real nice. First the social worker came in and asked us about each boy individually and how each was adjusting. She was surprised that both boys are sleeping so well. Ethan normally goes to sleep around 7pm and wakes up between 6-7am. Ethan takes a 30min-1hour nap around 9am. Then takes another 1-2 hour nap around noon. Seth goes to bed at 8pm and normally sleeps until 8am. He then takes a 2-4 hour nap at noon. Weird because Seth who is 18 months old sleeps more than Ethan who is only 7 months old.
After the social worker finished, Ethan had a dirty diaper and I figured they might want to test their stool, since Seth has not had a normal BM since we have known him. So, the CNA came in with a trainee and demonstrated getting the stool samples that I am now having to collect. As a nurse, you would think it wouldn't bother me. But I HATE collecting stool samples at work. GROSS!!!!!!!!! It is weird because I can clean up poop all day long and it doesn't bother me at all, but take a spoon and scoop it into a cup?? Something is so wrong about that. I always feel so sorry about the "present" I am sending some poor lab person who has to open it up and see what is inside.
Anyway, after they took off the first of 3 samples from each boy that we are having to collect this week, the doctor came in.
She inspected them and said they looked real healthy. Ethan weighs almost 22lb and Seth weighs approx 24lb and Seth is 11 months older. I guess that is why people are always asking me if they are twins. After the doctor examined them we went to have their blood drawn.
I took Ethan in first while Aaron sat in the waiting room with Seth. Ethan, who is never, ever still, was so angry at having his blood drawn. They also had to stick him twice to get enough blood and prick his finger. But I really think he was more mad about me lying on top of him, keeping him from moving than he was about the sticks. It took about 30 min. for them to get all the blood they needed.
Meanwhile, poor Aaron is in the waiting room with Seth who has now filled his diaper. When the CNA walked us down the hall into another area of the building to have blood drawn, she suggested we just leave all of our stuff (stroller, diaper bags, stool sample kits etc. ) in the room and come get it on the way out. So Aaron is out there with this foul -smelling (most of the time his nasty stool smells like vomit) kid wondering if he has time to run down the hall to the other office to get our stuff to change him, before I come out and wonder if he and Seth have left us. So, I finally come out with Ethan, Aaron runs to the other office with Ethan and I just stand there waiting with Seth because I really don't want to get involved with this blood draw until he is clean. Aaron finally gets back with all of our stuff, I clean Seth and we go back to have his blood drawn.
Seth, who is the master of all facial expressions, was cracking the ladies up who were drawing his blood. He sat so still in my lap, I barely had to hold him. They stuck him the first time and of course, like I expected, he screamed, then took a deep breath and I thought another one was coming, but he stopped, and just watched with interest the blood going into the syringe. And then he would do his surprised face and that cracked the ladies up too. Then when they pricked his finger, he didn't even make a peep like it even hurt. He told them "bye" waved and walked out smiling.
I love them so much. They have done so great since coming home. They just fit right in.

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