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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is summer over yet?

I think summer might be my least favorite season. I loved it growing up. Not as much as fall, but I can't stand the constant sweating anymore. Or being stuck in the house because the heat index is so high, and putting sunscreen on, because that is what you want right before you sweat, to fill your pores with lotion.
Anyway, I am glad we live where there are 4 seasons, but I really wish it would cool off a little.
I took Hannah to the doctor yesterday. It wasn't too bad. I put the boys in a stroller and told the girls not to ask if they could get out of them, no matter how much they wanted out. It was loud, but for the most part, the boys didn't whine too much. Hannah ended up with a 100.3 temp and the doctor looked at her throat and said it didn't look like strep at all. Couldn't find anything wrong with her, but since she had been running a fever since Thursday, she gave her an antibiotic and she already feels better 24 hours after taking the first dose.
I signed up to go back to work this week. EEKS! I really didn't want to and would love to continue to stay home, but we really need to pay down some of these loans. And I am planning to work my minimum 32 hours a month only, which means not as much money as I would like to apply to all of the adoption loans. We have two loans that are no interest, but the other two, a personal loan, and a credit card really need to be paid off. Even with me working, it won't go down much before next year, but every little bit helps.
And even though I don't want Aaron to go out of town, sometimes if he can get a two week detail somewhere else, he makes about 3-4 times his normal pay . So maybe this fall he can get a few details in, if there are any. The bad thing is, he had to turn down 4-5 this spring because of not knowing when we would be going to ET each time, he couldn't leave town for 16 days and then have the call to go to Africa.
I got our final stool specimen this morning and now need to drive to Decatur sometime today to turn them in, which is a 45 min. drive from our house. I may wait until Mom gets off work at 4 to see if she wants to ride with all of us.
It is so hard to get ahead with the bills when stuff keeps coming up. For instance, our Montero is in the shop the 2nd time in the last two weeks. We had it towed last week and told them we thought the alternator was broken. Because we have had so many alternators go out, we know how the car acts. Well, the mechanic changes the battery and calls to tell us it was just the battery. So of course after about 15 miles of driving, we realize that the alternator really is going out. The first bill was $178 which inclued $50 for towing (which should be paid for by insurance). This 2nd bill which included fixing the alternator, changing 3 belts, and changing the oil is going to cost $310. I guess going back to work is a good idea, since our savings is swiftly being eaten up.
I was going to try to work 4 8hour shifts a month, but instead, I signed up for 8 4hr shifts. I hate to do that, but I think this will be easier on Aaron if I work 7-11 at night. I leave around 6:20 and get home around 1145pm. Ethan goes to bed at 7pm and then Seth at 8pm, and then Aaron can put the girls to bed and he can go to bed. Aaron is off every other Friday, so every other week I will work 7-11 Thur, Fri, and Sat nights. Since Aaron is off the next day, he can get up at 6am with Ethan. I normally can't go to sleep until 12:30 or 1am after working until 11pm. Then every other week I will work Fri and Sat nights. That is for the next schedule. We will see how that works and if we need to, I can always change it in Sept.

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