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Monday, July 4, 2011

Another child no longer an orphan!

I found out a few months ago that some friends that we went to college with were also adopting from Ethiopia. So we have been kind of paralleling each others' journeys. When I found out Friday that they were flying into the Nashville airport Sunday afternoon and that we were going to be in that area then, Aaron and I decided it would be neat to welcome them at the airport. We managed to find the group waiting for them and got to be there as another miracle occured! It is so exciting to see another child with a family! There were a total of 5 Ethiopian children there all adopted within the last year. Including one little girl who was in the transition house with our boys and we met here while on our court date.

On another note, this weekend was busy. We drove up to Lebanon on Saturday morning to Aaron's parents house. We put the boys down for their naps almost as soon as they got there. Then we drove back to Smyrna for a July 4th party where my dad and brother attend church. It was at a family's house from church and I got to see some people I grew up with, although I hardly knew anyone since I haven't attended there since I was 18 and left for college. There was a 45 min. fireworks show there that would rival any city show. I had taken Ethan to the bathroom to change a diaper when it started, but Seth, who up til this point would not get close to my dad, was sitting in his lap, clinging for dear life when I came back from the bathroom. Apparently, the fireworks started and he freaked out and ran to the first person he recognized. As soon as he saw me, he came to my lap and after a few minutes, he actually started clapping. Ethan, even though he was up way past his bedtime, even enjoyed watching them and wasn't scared of the noise.

Sunday, we got up early and went to church services in Lebanon, then drove to Smyrna to drop the girls off at the church to ride the bus to camp. Madelyn wanted us to stay until the bus drove away so Aaron, Seth, Ethan and I stood there and waved while they drove away. Then we drove around while the boys slept in the car until we had to wake them up in order to go in the airport.

We got a call this morning from camp saying that Madelyn had a fever of 101 and they had to send her home. Since we are about 4 hours away and Aaron's parents are 1 1/2 hours away, Tommy went and got her. Aaron drove up to Lebanon and met them and took Madelyn to a walk in clinic. The doctor said she had swimmers ear and even wrote a note saying she was not contagious, but camp still wouldn't let her come back until tomorrow, if her fever is gone. So right now, Aaron and Madelyn are hanging out at Aaron's parents trying to decide what to do. Madelyn just wants to come home, I want her to go back to camp tomorrow and Aaron is thinking about spending the night and driving her back to camp and taking the day off work since it will take about 6 hours to take her to camp and then drive home. So frustrating.

I know it isn't her fault she is sick, but with our financies so tight right now, it was a stretch to pay for camp and then to have it wasted, I just want to cry. UGH!

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